Kindle Ebooks Can Be Read Anywhere

The Kindle ereader from Amazon is a wonderful device. It is small and light yet has incredible battery life, allowing you to read on the device for up to a month at a time on a single charge. It has WiFi and some models have 3G too to let you download your books no matter where you are. But there may be times when you get caught short, and don’t have your Kindle on you when you want to pick up and carry on reading the book that you’d started. Thankfully you don’t have to wait until you get home.

The range of Kindle devices makes it easy for a person to buy and read books on the run. It is very easy to see, even in bright light and as a result you can read it almost anywhere-except for in the dark. Light a paper and ink book, eReaders such as the Kindle, that use eInk, need a light source in order for you to use them.

Amazon has also created a Kindle application, that can be downloaded onto and run on a number of devices. There is one for the computer, and one for both the iOS that Apple uses, and the Android operating system too. This makes it significantly easier to read your books, as it means that you can read them almost anywhere that you happen to be.

Not all of the devices are particularly well suited for all situations. The Kindle for instance cannot be used in the dark, instead needing a book light the same as a paper book does. A backlit screen, such as a smartphone or iPod Touch cannot be read in bright sunlight, because the light instead reflects off the glossy screen and over powers the weak back lighting. But your phone will work in bed, in the dark, and the Kindle is perfect for the beach.

Your phone too, is ideal for when you have a few minutes to kill and no Kindle on you. By opening the Kindle application, you can download the book that you bought on your Kindle onto your phone, without having to pay for it again-but only if your phone has been authorized onto your Kindle store account. If you are half way into the book-what then? Will you have to flick through?

Thankfully no. Kindle employs a technology called WhisperSync. This allows the bookmarks that you place in your eBook when you finish reading it, to be automatically be sent to all of the other copies of that book, so that if you pick up reading it on another device, you can carry on where you left off.

This can unfortunately mean that if you are sharing a Kindle account with others in your family, that your bookmarks may interfere with each other. But this is easy enough to handle by ensuring that you don’t read the same book at the same time.

The Kindle is rapidly taking it’s place as the market leader, and with the impressive features that it has, that place is most deserved.

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