Keep Writing to Promote Your Book

Don’t stop writing now that your book is published. You can make more sales by writing to promote your book.

Adapt Part Of Your Book To Become An Article Or Short Story. Upload it to a content driven Web site, submit it to an e-zine, enter it in a contest, submit it to a publication, offer it to an email newsletter you like and don’t forget to publish it on your Web site too! Magazine articles are a great way to get exposure.

Create Your Own Blog. Many journalists, professionals, and consumers regularly visit blogs to read opinions, follow current events, and uncover information on topics of shared interest.

Not only does your blog give you an opportunity to talk about your book and the events surrounding it, you also can use your blog commentary to build interest in your book’s topic or genre, and to encourage reviews, gather reader quotes, correspond directly with your readers, and link visitors directly to your book’s sales portal.

Join Another Blog. Research relevant blogs and get involved. Participate in chat rooms and join online communities and social networking sites. You’ll be surprised by the response.

Susan Burnash is the owner of Purple Duck Marketing in Kirkland, Washington. Her company focuses on marketing, public relations, and video production for authors, speakers, small businesses and nonprofits. Please visit her website at Susan can be contacted by phone at 425-896-8959 or by email at