Katy Love – Author Interview

What is your most recent book? Tell us a bit about it.

“It was a cold winter night. The wind was howling. The moon was full.” The Kackle begins with a weary traveler that stops into a local tavern in a small village. He discovers the town has a legend of an evil beast that lived amongst them.The Kackle , a horrid creature that dwells in a dark castle , plans her kill at night with the help of her faithful scout demon Sir Redwork. This is a tale of terror and betrayal when Sir Redwork falls for the beautiful Fredricka. What happens when you read THE END? The next segment includes samples from my “Hot Chocolate Notebook of Lyrics” starting with “Curse of the Braggert.” My lyrics put a lightheared twist on everyday situations.

Tell us something about yourself.

I was born in Salina, Kansas and replanted in several different places because my father was in the U.S. Air force. We also travelled many places on family vacations. My favorite place is Gulf Shores, Alabama. Many years passed since my visit as a youth before I had a chance to return to the Gulf. I re-lived the moment in time when I had found a poem on a piece of paper in the sand and dreamed how great to be an author. I wanted it then and the hunger for it still excists. I am a summer time beach bum. I love the white sand as I dig my toes in it,the vast ocean, collecting seashells,the smell of the air, the beautiful colors and sound of the seagulls.

What inspired you to write this book?

Passion. I wrote The Kackle two years before I decided to publish. I write by taking a situation or an emotion and put all that energy into a fictional story.I read it to my family at home ,or passed it through e-mail to family out of state. I recieved good reviews and encouragement to publish. I couldn’t give this story up to the scrapbook.

Why did you decide to self-publish?

My kids had school book projects published through a print on demand company so I started checking out all the different ones. I went with Xlibris self publishing company because they offered more “perks” in the package at a price I could afford . I wanted my work in a book with an ISBN and I wanted it now.

How did you know you wanted to be a writer?

I don’t think that I ever just woke up one day and said “I want to be a writer.” It was just natural to make up stories and write them down. I started with diaries and journals, and loved to read or look through books. Pre-computer days, I enjoyed curling up and writing long letters. I won first place in a writing contest in grade school. Give me a pen or pencil and paper and I will write. I like to entertain my family when we travel with stories or lyrics I think up. The Kackle was a popular campfire tale.I saved some of my work to a scrapbook over the years. Everytime I looked back through the scrapbook ,I felt a yearning to do something more. I wanted to write a book and have it published .I never pursued the dream because at that time my interest was also in nursing as a career. I needed to be financially independent .Life as a Registered Nurse was rewarding but the dream of turning my writing into a book just couldn’t be still any more as the years passed by. I was determined to turn my dream into reality. The feeling was like being thirsty for years and finally getting a drink.

What do you believe is the hardest part of writing?

Writing is the easy part. Marketing the book is hard work. Thankfully there are alot of tips I have picked up through articles found through Twitter.

Who are your favorite authors?

Stephen King had me hooked with The Shining. I love his work. I first heard a reading of a John Grisham novel on audio cassette in the car. I didn’t want to get out of the car and go into work. I can’t put his books down.

Are you working on your next book? What can you tell us about it?

I have a fictional story that also has been on the back burner too long . I’ve been heating it up.

What is the best advice you could give other writers about writing or publishing?

Pursue your dream to the fullest. I encourage everyone who has that passion to act on it now. I have never felt so fulfilled as I am today. If you have another career ,give a llitle love to your writing too.

What are you doing to promote your latest book?

I am working hard trying to make myself visible to the public.It’s no time to be shy!

Where can readers learn more about you and your book?

The Kackle is available in paperback and e-book at your local store order desk or online at Xlibris, Barnes and Noble, Borders and Amazon.com. The Xlibras site, under book search, has my web page where you will find an excerpt from The Kackle, my author bio, contact and ordering information. Also by phone at 1-888-795-4274 ext7876.I can be followed on Twitter at http://twitter.com/bykatylove or my blog site at http://bykatylove.blogspot.com.