Exciting Jobs in the Publishing Industry

The publishing industry has long been a popular profession, but it has recently expanded to include eBooks, making it an exciting time to be contemplating entering an industry that is all about expanding the mind.  Of course, publishing is what’s known as an “apprenticeship” field, so you can probably expect to start at the bottom and work your way up, learning all you need to know along the way.  But once you’ve got some experience under your belt, you can choose one of many exciting careers in this rewarding industry.  Here are a few of the best jobs you can find on job sites when you choose to enter the arena of book publishing.

1.  Editor.  Of course, the power to say yes or no to publication is fairly appealing.  But there’s a lot more to this prestigious position than you might think.  As an editor, you will not only have to be proficient at copy editing, you will also have to be able to spot what’s going to sell, develop strategies to sell the books you publish, and nurture relationships with authors, agents, and vendors, as well as oversee all aspects of the publication process.

2.  Art Director.  Before readers have any idea of the content of a book, they are attracted (or not) by the art on the cover.  Often this is what attracts a reader and sometimes it even prompts them to buy a book.  As the art director, it falls to you to represent a written work with the proper artwork and graphics, as well as collaborate with other departments to ensure that the pictorial component of the packaging is in keeping with the sensibilities of the author and the advertising campaign.

3.  Internet Advertising Developer.  By working on a team that is responsible for online advertising, you will participate in creating an online presence for your publishing house as well as promote authors and their products (both on the publisher website and at outside sources).  You will have your hands in design, content, coding, maintenance, promotions, expansion, and overall initiatives for advertising.  In short, you’ll get to do a little bit of everything included in managing the online presence for your publishing house.  And in this day and age, you may even play a part in the inclusion of an eBook edition of the book being published.

4.  Producer.  The producer on a particular title is responsible for following a book from the initial stages of development through to hitting store shelves.  You will oversee contracts, facilitate coordination between various departments and vendors, ensure that the author’s vision is in line with the publisher’s requirements, and essentially, keep production on track.  You’ll also be the “money man”, determining acceptable production costs and predicting potential revenue.

5.  Promotional Director.  The industry standards for promotion of products include advertising (consisting of all television, radio, and online ads as well as in-store and other promotional materials), book signings and appearances by the author, and of course, coordinating with media outlets to ensure that books are properly reviewed and promoted.  It can be a lot of work to manage all the public details that go along with promoting a book, but it can also be a lot of fun.

Sarah Danielson is a writer for Internet Inc., the leader in job sites where you can find the perfect job to suit your individual needs.