Jim Sebastiano – Tell Your Boss to Take a Hike

What is your most recent book? Tell us a bit about it.

Tell Your Boss to Take A Hike (Before Your Boss Tells You): A Guide To Owning Your Own Business

The book was written to help people decide if owning a business is right for them and, if so, what steps to take. The first several chapters have nothing to do with owning a business but concentrate on self-evaluation. Why did they reach some goals and not others? Only then do they learn what their options are.

Tell us something about yourself.

Currently living in South Carolina with my wife, Georgia. We have three grown boys. Professionally, I have been in franchising for 34 years and I owned a franchise myself. I served as vice president of several international companies before deciding to go out on my own. Currently, I am a senior franchise consultant with MatchPoint. In this role, I help individual franchise buyers find a business opportunity that best suits their needs.

What inspired you to write this book?

I’ve spent over three decades in the franchising industry and have worn several hats. For the past seven years, I’ve been speaking about franchising at seminars and was told many times I should put it in writing. Several years ago I decided it was time and I began the process of sharing the knowledge I’ve gained.

How did you choose the title?

The title went through many transformations. I made a list of many titles, solicited others, and then sent the list to many colleagues and franchise company executives. I asked everyone to vote and the winner was Tell Your Boss to Take a Hike. A friend of mine later suggested adding, “Before Your Boss Tell You.”

What obstacles did you encounter in getting this book published? How did you overcome them?

I have been using old sayings, stories, and quotes for years. During editing, the editor told me it was best to cite where the sayings, stories, and quotes came from. I had to do a lot of research just to figure that out.

How did you know you wanted to be a writer? How did you get started?

I did not plan on writing a book. I was encouraged by people in my seminars and by others who thought the way I help people was unique and should be shared.

Do you have any writing rituals?

The only ritual I had was to make sure I wrote something every day.

Did you learn anything from writing and publishing this book? What?

I learned a lot from the editor on how a book should be laid out and the ways to structure ideas. For example, whether a quote should be in the beginning or end of a chapter depends on how it is used.

If you were doing it all over again, what would you do differently?
I would have finished it earlier. I started it about 5 years ago and then life got in the way. Last year a friend of mine asked when I was going to finish the book. I made a commitment to myself to get done by the end of the year and that’s what I did.

What types of books do you like to read? Who are your favorite authors?

I like reading books where I can learn something so I do not read fiction. I like authors such as Michael Gerber and Tony Robbins.

What is the best advice you could give other writers about writing or publishing?

Do lots of research, write like you would talk so it is easy to understand, and hire an editor.

Who is the perfect reader for your book?

Anyone who has ever thought about quitting their job to take control of their own destiny.

Where can readers learn more about you and your book?

My website is www.getfranchisehelp.com