Jeryl Abelmann & Miriam Kronish – Quickly’s Magical Pancake Adventure

What is your most recent book? Tell us about it.

Our most recent book is Quickly’s Magical Pancake Adventure. Once again we bring Quickly: The Magic Spatula to life. Quickly’s wish is to have a magical pancake adventure – to go out into the world in search of pancake recipes far and wide. This book blends Quickly’s adventure with a treasure trove of delicious pancake recipes. Quickly’s Magical Pancake Adventure celebrates what peoples of the world share in common – the love of pancakes.

Tell us something about yourself.

Miriam Kronish teaches at Cambridge College in Massachusetts. She is a retired principal from the Needham, Massachusetts Public Schools. Her interests are music, educational pursuits, cooking, theater, reading, and especially writing. She is a national Distinguished Principal and is an Honored Principal in the State of Massachusetts. She is a Past President of the Needham Rotary Club. She lives in Massachusetts with her husband.

Jeryl Abelmann is a retired elementary school teacher. She is the recipient of Teacher of the Year for the San Ramon Valley Unified School District in California. A member of the Carmel Bach Festival Board of Directors, the California Writers Club, and the Screen Actors Guild, she loves the movies, theater, writing, and traveling. She has two sons and four adorable grandchildren. She and her husband live in Northern California.

What inspired you to write the book?

Quickly a spatula and beloved fixture in the family kitchen became the inspiration for the book. Quickly is a tribute to family … It is a story about how a simple object can be the source of joy as it evokes memories of family and growing up.

We were inspired by the response to the first book and we decided to write the sequel, Quickly’s Magical Pancake Adventure, to contrast reality with fantasy.

What obstacles did you encounter in getting this book published?

Jeryl and Miriam say that he hardest part of the process is receiving rejection letters from publishers.

Quickly: The Magic Spatula took four years from inception to publication. Finally we found a publisher that believed in us! Quickly: The Magic Spatula is the 2011 “Children’s Book Winner” of the Hollywood Book Festival. Quickly was named the Gold Medal Winner of the Moonbeam Children’s Book Award from the Independent Publishing Industry. This award honors the best children’s books that show dedication to children’s literacy and inspired writing, illustrating, and publishing. The Bay Area Independent Publishers Association named Quickly: The Magic Spatula Best Children’s Picture Book.

How did you know you wanted to be a writer?

Miriam realized she was a writer in high school when her English teachers praised her writing. Jeryl read children’s books to her students, encouraged them to write books, and her students inspired her to write a children’s book.

Do you have any writing rituals?

We live 3000 miles apart and we definitely have a system for writing. We have written four books. We begin by going to the library. This is where we research, plan, and organize our thoughts. Quickly’s Magical Pancake Adventure began in the Sturgis Library in Barnstable, Massachusetts. The Sturgis Library is the oldest library building in the United States. It’s fun to think our newest book began in the oldest library.

The telephone and computer are our best tools. It’s wonderful to work with a friend – writing can be a very lonely process.

How do you come up with names for your characters?

Organically – The names of characters grow out of the story…it comes from within.

Did you learn anything from writing & publishing this book?

We learned how much fun it is to work together as a team!

What types of books do you read?

Miriam reads all genres her favorite authors are William Styron, Valdimar Nadbokov, Tony Chiu, Roger Ebert, Dr, Seuss, and Diane Setterfield. The genres Jeryl likes are mysteries, adventure, cookbooks, poetry, Shakespeare, and children’s book authors Shel Silverstein, Lois Lawry and Mercer Mayer.


Their writing is magnificent it is a pleasure to read their words.

Did you learn anything from writing and publishing this book?

Quickly’s Magical Pancake Adventure is a magical children’s story and we wove 25 world famous chefs’ pancake recipes into our book. This is a huge project. We contacted famous chefs from New York to California, Massachusetts to Florida, Hawaii to Nevada, including Jacques Pépin, Roy Yamaguchi, Cat Cora, and Charles Phan. These famous chefs were kind enough to give us pancake recipes. The recipes were edited and tested. This process took 2 years. We learned how wonderful it is to see something we wrote come to fruition. It gives us a sense of joy, pride, and accomplishment to share our story with the world.

Are you working on your next book? What can you tell us about it?

Quickly will have another adventure! Tune in!

What is the best advice you could give other writers about writing or publishing?

The best advice we can give to other writers about writing and publishing is believe in yourself and never give up!

Get away from your computer when you can, join Writer’s Clubs and attend Writers Conventions, take writing classes at your local community college. Meet writers with a common interest. Have people you respect read your work. Find a mentor and listen to feedback. Network, Network, Network! Believe in yourself!

Who is the perfect reader for your book?

The perfect reader for our book is a person who is hungry, loves pancakes, and has a child nearby to share the story with.

Where can readers learn more about you and your book?

Our web site is: and coming soon is

Quickly is also available at,, and as downloads for popular e-readers such as the KindleNook, iPad, etc. Follow us on Twitter at @QuicklyBooks or on our Facebook page: Quickly Books