Is Your Publicity Doing You Any Good?

Have you ever wondered if your publicity is effective? I’v e heard many prospects sing the same song: “I’ve done PR in the past and I’ve had articles published. I’ve been quoted in a few places, but I don’t know if it has done any good?”

That’s a good question. How can you measure PR, especially if you are a small business, speaker, author, consultant or coach and not a big brand-name company? Fortunately, there are guideposts to tell you if you are going in the right direction.

10 Ways To See If Your Publicity Is Really Working

1. Look at your Google rankings before and after you send out a press release or an article. Did your ranking improve for your company name, for your name, for your keyword?

2. Look at your web statistics. Are you getting more visits?

3. Are you getting more sign ups and more requests for information?

4. Are you getting more requests for phone calls from prospects?

5. Are you making more sales?

6. Are you being invited to speak at more conferences?

7. Are more reporters interviewing you?

8. Is it easier to make sales because prospects select you and don’t call competitors?

9. Do people stop you at conventions and say “I see you all over the place?”

10. Do people ask you how you got your media coverage?

If you said “yes” to any question, then your publicity is working.

These are all positive signs that your media is working. Sometimes you can track the results directly. Sometimes you can’t. That’s the magic of the marketing mix.

The Pass Around Factor

There’s another factor that kicks in when you get publicity. It’s the pass-around factor. It’s sort of like the game of telephone. People remember you, but they don’t remember how they heard about you. So when you ask them, they really can’t answer the question accurately. Chances are you got the referral from a wonderfully positive word of mouth recommendation from someone who might have read about you, thanks the PR you are putting out.

I wish PR were a direct cause and effect activity. Sometimes it is. Many times it is not. So if you are doing your publicity and your business is growing, let’s assume that it is all connected. When you do marketing, you get results. Sometimes directly. Sometimes indirectly. But one thing is for sure: If you do nothing, then nothing will happen.

Dan Janal helps speakers and authors and small businesses get publicity so they can sell more products and get more speaking engagements. I make this happen with coaching, consulting, done-for-you services and do-it-yourself tools. For info, go to or call me at 952-380-1554.


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    Thank you for this very useful checklist: sometimes publicity feels like a hit-or-miss exercise, but your advice might mean I get to see quantifiable effects I can link to some cause!