Internet Marketing for Business Answers

“Awesome approach to teaching internet marketing!” – Rachel Honoway“I immediately dove in. I love it. Stop reading this right now and buy the book. You won’t regret it.” - Josh G.“Jim Kukral’s book, “Internet Marketing for Business Answers”, is a buffet of knowledge from top industry leaders with a combined 150 years of marketing experience. Readers can fill their plates with the juiciest tips, tricks and proven strategies to achieve more sales, more leads and ultimately make more money.” - Karen M.

“Internet Marketing for Business Answers is a modern day Toolkit for Entrepreneurs.” - Jason S.

“This book is full of information on many subjects that all inter wind with building a business and being successful.” - Vinny O.

Product Description

The absolute best way to learn how to grow a successful business is to pay attention to how the experts have done it before you. Internet Marketing for Business Answers, the Small Business Expert Interviews edition puts you into a private one-on-one session with over 16 of the most successful business owners and entrepreneurs on the Web.

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Who Is This Book For?

  • You should read this book because it will help you generate more sales and leads
  • You should read this book because it will help you learn how to get more publicity for your brand
  • You should read this book because the people interviewed in this book have collectively over 150-years of experience dominating their industry and niche

And here’s the BIG reason. You should read this book because after you read it, you’re going to be excited, energized, amazed, and ready to run through a brick wall to implement the strategies and techniques and lessons you will have learned. Here’s a tip: Put your helmet on first. Those bricks are tough!
What’s in the book?

This book truly covers the vast expanse of Internet marketing from start to finish. The topics you will read and learn about include:

  •     Word of mouth marketing
  •     Customer service success secrets
  •     Web broadcasting & podcasting techniques
  •     Motivational & entrepreneurial startup tips
  •     Book authoring & professional speaking tips
  •     Niche publishing business case studies
  •     Search engine marketing tactics
  •     Business branding & tagline techniques
  •     Affiliate marketing
  •     Landing page optimization
  •     Usability testing
  •     Public relations
  •     Pay per click strategies
  •     Viral marketing techniques
  •     Web video production & promotion
  •     Sales & marketing success & case studies
  •     Website copy writing & design
  •     Much more

And remember, these business-changing tips and lessons are delivered to you from the mindset of a small business owner to the small business owner (you). Everything you will learn in this book is something you can take back to the office today and implement tomorrow, with minimal cost. And who doesn’t want that?
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