Improving Your Offline Business Card with a Proven Free Online Tactic

business-cardA business card is the most widely used method of advertising. It’s also usually one of the worst designed and worded methods of advertising used. There is a proven method people make a lot of money online with which can be used to improve your business card. Best of all this seems to be a new idea…!

How Do People Find Your Website?

Don’t worry this applies to the free business card advertising idea. People find your website, in 90% of cases, by typing words into search engines and doing a search on these words. Presently, as of writing this, the most popular search engine is Google. Regardless of whether or not you like Google they have the tool you need to improve your business card.

Keywords Are What Prospective Buyers Use to Search for Information

What internet surfers place in the search engine is referred to as a keyword phrase. Basically if your website has the most keywords for that particular search your website will appear closest to the top of the search engines. There’s a lot more to it than that and I’ve seen some bad web pages that even this free advertising idea may not help. If your web page is one of these there is an alternate method that can be mentioned in a later article.

A Free Tool to Check Your Most Popular Keywords On Your Web Page

Again we’re on topic here don’t worry. This is an important part for your free advertising hint on improving your business card. Find Google’s External Keyword Tool. It’s pretty easy to find just by searching Google for keyword tool.

There’s a radio button in there to select a url (web page address) to put into the script. Click that and type your web page into it. Now click on the button Get Keyword Ideas.

What this program does is analyze your web page and show you associated keywords AND the search popularity of the keywords. Just in case select phrases in the upper right hand side of the page. It probably won’t change much.

How is This Related to Improving a Business Card?

Look at the keyword phrases based on your web page analysis. This not only gives you the opportunity to improve your web page, but it will tell you which phrases are the most searched on the internet in relation to your web page.

People are people regardless of advertising media, people want the same things.

Solve a problem
Improve their lifestyle

Even the same techniques that work on television work on all media! The psychology of selling is exactly the same!

Do You Get It Now?

Use the highly searched keywords from your web page on your business card!

You already know people are searching those phrases. So use those phrases in all of your advertising including your business cards.

Let’s Try An Example

An in home tutoring in Hawaii website

Go to the Google Adwords Keyword Tool

Click Website Content

Click Get keyword ideas

Click Match Type and select Phrase

Click Global Monthly Search Volume This will place the most searched relevant keywords

Because several services are offered on this website check Include other pages on my site linked from this URL

This page now shows relevant keyword phrases I can use on a business card!

Here’s a Bonus for You Adsense People

This may also help you to determine a good phrase for your business card as well.

Click on the pulldown window Choose columns to display

Click Show Estimated CPC (cost per click)

Now click The column Estimated CPC Average twice and it will show the average price bidders are willing to pay for keyword phrases. If you adjust both website and business card to this you’ll make more money and attract more customers


None of these ideas are new, but the combination of ideas could give you the edge you need over your competitors.

J. Richard Kirkham is a dual certified teacher and in home tutor specializing in alternative teaching methods. He also a 30 year sales veteran and has made a living via commission. By combining these two talents, Mr. Kirkham has written Sneaky Ad Tricks Getting Customers with Free Offline Advertising. This instant download printable ebook comes highly recommended. Get it now before it’s pulled of the digital shelf.