Imagine the Millions

book-warehouseImagine an order for three million copies of a book or a tips booklet you wrote. Having trouble with that image? It might be that you’re focusing on selling single copies, one at a time. It could be that you think there is some unattainable magic that happens somewhere in between the number one and the number million. Maybe you believe you don’t know what the mechanics are for selling three million copies.

Imagine walking up to a director of marketing of some major corporation and simply saying something like ‘this book or booklet will help you sell more of your widgets.’ And the director of marketing agreed with you. And the person wanted to know the price and delivery time. Would you need a new oxygen supply to keep breathing or would you know what to do?

You have been used to operating in a particular-sized universe, selling a single copy of a single information product to a single user, or multiples through a traditional distributor, though not in those quantities. Imagine a major calendar company, for instance, that produces millions of calendars each and every year. And they want to include a copy of your tips booklet or your book with each calendar that they offer for sale, as a “value added” item to help them sell more of their calendars. Yes, that’s a real scenario.

How about a smaller amount? What about a catalog company who wants to license the specific rights to print a mere 250,000 copies of your book or booklet so they can offer it as a gift with any purchase in a particular issue of their catalog? That 250,000 copies can sound like a lot until you realize that the company distributed 17 million copies of their catalog that year. Your 250,000 copies was merely a test to see how the catalog’s customers and prospects would respond to the offer of your tips booklet, whether it would prompt more sales of the catalog’s products.

Connecting the dots between imagining, and making it so consists of educating yourself on who it is that’s a likely candidate, realizing what the production steps are, researching your costs so you can effectively price the product, and putting yourself into the position of having conversations with people who want what you’ve got. Sounds simple enough, doesn’t it?

What are you imagining? What are you going to do about it? When? Or would you rather continue selling single copies, one at a time? Those choices are yours to imagine and take action.

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