How to Write Faster and Get More Done

If you write for a living, your income will always be dependent, in part, on how fast you write.

Putting aside physical elements, like your typing speed, much of your ability to write quickly comes down to preparation and focus.

In other words, whether you are writing an article, a web page, a white paper, a report or an e-book – the time it takes to complete each task or project will depend on how effective you are at remaining focused.

All too often writers lose time by becoming distracted, procrastinating or falling victim to writer’s block.

When this happens, a writing task that should take three hours can end up taking twice as long or more.

So how is it that some writers can just keep writing, remaining totally focused from beginning to end?

A lot of the answer lies in how well the writer prepares for each writing task.

Some writers get started, without a great deal of preparation, and stumble through the job, constantly feeling distracted by lack of information, lack of planning and the absence of a writing plan.

Other writers are meticulous in their planning. They tidy away everything that isn’t connected with the task they are about to begin. Then they gather together all the information they will be needing. They put aside a specific block of time for each assignment.

In other words, they are loaded and ready.

Top producing writers always work this way. They are disciplined and well prepared for each new task.

As a result, they write much faster, completing each project in half the time is takes their disorganized colleagues.

If you feel that you could write faster, be more productive and earn more money by finding a way to better prepare for your own writing projects, consider the Writing Rituals method. Five rituals combine to help you maximize your writing speed and productivity on every job you do.

You can learn more about the Writing Rituals method here…