How to Use Facebook Groups to Promote Your Book

Writing a book is no easy feat.  It can take months or even years of your life to finish writing and editing your masterpiece.  And once your tome is complete, you will probably face an uphill battle in getting it out to the public.  In bygone days, publishers were responsible for promoting your work, sending it around to retailers, and setting up readings, interviews, and book-signings for the author (you) to appear at.  While some of this still goes on today, more and more people are turning to advances in modern technology to do their dirty work for them.  And there is no better tool in your promotional arsenal than social networking.

Facebook, as you may know, is the preeminent outlet for social networking today.  And there are all sorts of ways to use it to your advantage when it comes to introducing your work to a mass audience.  While you should certainly start by setting up your own Facebook page (or one devoted to the book in particular), that is only the springboard for your social media marketing adventure.  And the best way to capitalize on the opportunities offered by Facebook is to begin joining groups.

You can seek out and join all kinds of groups related to your book.  For example, you may want to join a group for people interested in writing (or reading).  You can also look for those that are linked to your subject matter.  For example, say you have written a book about a young girl’s journey to find herself amidst the ruins of a terrible natural disaster.  She builds her character even as she labors to rebuild homes lost to a giant tsunami. Along the way, she finds and rescues an abandoned dog, which then becomes her best friend.  She goes off to college later that year with a newfound determination to use her life for the betterment of mankind.  The end.

Now, this book might appeal to several audiences, including young adults, females, disaster survivors, spiritual entrepreneurs, Peace Corp volunteers, carpenters, and dogs (well, let’s say dog lovers).  In any case, you can no doubt find groups that embody each and every one of these categories (hey, you’d be surprised how many dogs have their own Facebook pages).  If you can break your book down in this way, you should have no problem figuring out which groups will be the best ones to target.

Of course, you could make it easier on yourself by simply starting your own group.  With administrative rights, you can send out messages, updates, and even snippets from your writing (or previews of upcoming books) to other members.  Unfortunately, you probably won’t see the same success with this method of promotion as you will by joining already established groups, for the simple fact that you are limiting yourself to those who seek you out (or find you by accident) rather than reaching out some tendrils to bring in a new audience.  However, exercising both options should net you a fair amount of fresh meat while still allowing your current fans to find you without fuss.  And Facebook groups offer you the flexibility to do both on your path of self-promotion.

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    I have just recently started joining groups on Facebook and found it very helpful to connect to other writers in my genre and peak interest in my first fantasy novel.