How to shine in eBook publishing

Writing skill is of course a gift for writers who could touch the hearts of millions and millions of people, who love to read books of different categories. Irrespective of age and gender, there are always readers around the globe looking for books to read.

eBooks are the best option for readers as they could access an eBook the moment they want, just by a click. Famous eBook stores like Amazon’s Kindle eBookstore, Apple’s iBookstore, Google eBook Store, Barnes and Noble’s Nook and Kobo Books offer excellent platform for self-publishers to publish their books through their network and reach millions of readers across the globe who use the eReader devices and apps of these branded e-Book service providers.

Hence, publishing is an easy task with the advent of eBooks. But how could this great opportunity be utilized to at its best level? Below are the points to be focused on to make your eBook successful.

Have your book ‘Best Written’:

Enough time and best efforts are required to bring out a book in perfect form, which are must to be focused on, especially for the first book, as the ‘first impression is the best impression.’ The way of presentation needs to be unique and catchy enabling the reader to read it with enthusiasm and with contentment. If this is done, the author could be confident of its success to about 50%. Something more is needed to make it 100% successful – read below.

Prepare your eBook with ‘Best looks’:

Once the manuscript of the book is ready with quality as mentioned above, now, it is required to start climbing the steps to reach the destiny of success, which is to be done carefully, that is, concentrating on each of the processes ahead. Getting the manuscript to be framed as a perfect eBook by converting the same to the widely acceptable format, with good layout, retaining originality of images and all other items in it, needs to be nicely done. The most important is the cover page, which is to be given much of importance – to have it with an apt image, matching the title of the book, which needs to be attractive to catch the viewer’s sight, tempting them to move not without looking into the book.

Suggestion is that experienced service providers, preferably who could use manual processes instead of automated processes may be looked for to get the above jobs done perfectly. So, what next? Continue reading…

Advertise your eBook through Social Media:

Social Media like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are best options to share information about your book. A free sample chapter along with the cover page may be shared among your friends with a request to them to share it with their friends circle, which could reach the right persons in due course. Furthermore, requesting them to post their frank comments / reviews, providing them with options to do that, would promote your book. Providing the book to potential reviewers for free would encourage their reviews.

Done all the above? There you are – success is ahead of you! Keep climbing to shine well!

Pravin is the Co-Editor at eBook Enhancers, A Kindle conversion Company, who has also been offering consultancy services to those emerging writers / authors who intend to publish their eBooks through online platforms like Amazon’s Kindle. He makes recommendations on the technical / marketing aspects of preparing the eBooks to reach the readers across the globe. Visit his website –