How To Sell More of Your Books And Ebooks

sell-more-booksHave you written a book or an ebook? Once you have the fulfillment process for the book/ebook automated, the question becomes how to market the product online in order to get people to buy it. How do I effectively market my books and ebooks online? – this is one of the most common questions I hear from my clients. Here are five tips that will help you sell more and generate more revenue:

– Find a target market to sell the book/ebook to. Many people think that everyone is their target market, and as a result try to sell their book/ebook to everyone. They usually end up chasing after potential customers who are not in their target market and are not likely to ever purchase their product. Their sales suffer as a result.

Instead of trying to sell your book/ebook to everyone, concentrate on a smaller group of people who comprise your target market. These people are much more likely to purchase what you have to offer, and as a result you will get many more sales.

– Create an effective sales letter. Since you cannot take a picture of the book or ebook and post it on your web site (unlike a piece of jewelry, for example), your need to have an effective sales letter to promote the product.

Make sure that your sales letter effectively describes your book/ebook and focuses on the benefits your clients will get by purchasing it. Highlighting the benefits will keep people reading the sales letter, and it will generate more sales.

– Give your customers just a few options on your web site. Sometimes clients tell me that their sales letters don’t sell. When I take a look at the sales letters, they are usually a big mess. Sales letters that do not sell contain too many distractions for the reader: they have links to other web pages and web sites, banners, and text ads for other products.

Make sure that your sales letter provides only a few options to your customers – an option to buy the product and an option to subscribe to your newsletter, and that’s it. The fewer options you give to your web site visitors, the more likely they are to buy your product.

– Have a newsletter subscription on your web site. Sometimes people who come to your web site and see your book or your ebook are not ready to purchase it yet. However, they are ready to subscribe to your newsletter and learn more about you and your products. These people will be ready to buy your ebook eventually, so make sure that you keep in touch with them through your newsletter.

– Use online marketing techniques to promote your ebook further. Use search engine optimization, business blogging, article publishing and other online marketing techniques to promote your web site and your product. These methods will bring more visitors to your web site, who are craving the information that you share in your book or ebook.

You can only make money with your product if you sell it. Follow the five tips that we discussed to sell more copies and make more money.

Biana Babinsky is the online business coach, expert and author who teaches business owners how to make money with their books and ebooks. Learn more at