How To Publish Poetry

Most poets often write to express their thoughts and emotions even with the possibility that their poems will not be read. However, nothing can be sweeter for poets than to be recognized for their work and to see their masterpieces on leading publications. Getting published does give a sense of fulfillment for poets, for it is one way to share a part of themselves to others.

If you are convinced that you had written a poem or several poems that are worthy to be read by others, the next step for you is to find ways on how to publish poetry. Getting your poem published may take some time, but it will give you a sense of fulfillment once it’s done. Although admittedly, there is a smaller market for poetry, if you look hard enough, there are places where you can submit your poems.

You can start by reading poem anthologies or magazines that publish poetry, to get an idea about the quality of poems that usually get published and read. If you have a favorite magazine that you dream of one day seeing your poems published on, study the style of poems that are published to get a feel of the editor’s choices.

Check with your local magazines if they are accepting poetry submissions. Maybe they have a literary page where good poems are welcome. Although you may have to settle for lower pay with local magazines, they, however, can be a good starting point to get your work read. Also, if you are just trying to build your portfolio of published poems, starting out with your local paper can be your first step towards being accepted in bigger publications.

Focusing on your local newspapers and magazines, however, should not limit your search on how to publish poetry. You should also check magazines with national subscriptions, as there are a few who will accept poems even from unpublished poets.

Look up organizations that have regular newsletters and find out if they accept poems. You may have to settle for pro bono, as some of these newsletters are published for free. It is still a good way to get your work exposed to more readers and build your following.

Perhaps one of the easiest ways on how to publish poetry is through websites that feature poetry collections. Check a couple of websites on the internet that accept poems, however, be cautious of sites that will only accept your poems after paying some processing or membership fee. Keep in mind that you want your work published and get paid, not the other way around.

Keep your eyes open for literary contests which offer publication in a national magazine or newspaper, once your poem gets chosen. Some of these may ask for a minimal contest joining fee to cover contest costs, but it will add a feather to your cap, once your poem is chosen.

You may feel that your poems are just for “home viewing” and not good enough to be read by others, but how would you know if you haven’t even tried getting your work published? If you do face one rejection after another, don’t give up and keep finding ways on how to publish poetry. Keep on writing and improving your craft and you will one day see your poems printed, read and appreciated by others.

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