How To Publish Anything On Amazon’s Kindle

IMPORTANT: Amazon has redesigned the DTP software! This update addresses the new changes. Also included is a section on how to get your book listed with Barnes & Noble. Now your book will be available for Apple’s iPad and iPhone, B&N’s Nook, Personal Computers (PC), Android’s smartphones and Amazon’s Kindle.This is an easy to read, to the point book that explains how to publish your novel, comic book, grocery list, or just about anything else on Amazon’s amazing Kindle, and how to do it for practically nothing.Let me say that again…this book is “NOT” about how to write your novel, or how to promote it. This isn’t a Kindle tips and tricks book and it won’t help you to get your book on the NYT best seller list. This is a, GET ME ON AMAZON (and Barnes & Noble) so I can SELL MY BOOK! Other things you need to be aware of are covered in the book as well. Such as…opening a bank account, registering a domain name, setting up a website, designing the cover, writing the

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