How to Promote Your eBook

So you’ve finished your eBook. You’ve put in the time and effort to actually write it, format it, and convert it to a PDF. It’s now ready to be sold and sent out—but the big question is: How, exactly, do you do that?

Following are three ways to promote your eBook so that you can increase sales and get your message out to the masses.

1. Create a Press Release

A press release is a great way to announce new services or products—including your eBook! If you’ve never written a press release but are confident in your writing abilities, there are plenty of how-to guides that can be found online or at your local book store. On the other hand, if you aren’t sure how to approach writing a press release, you can always hire a professional to write one for you. After your press release is written, send it out to magazines, journals, websites, and newspapers that you believe might be interested in your eBook. The goal is to have some of these reputable websites and magazines write about your eBook, which will bring you more sales! (A service like can send it out to multiple PR sites for you, at a cost of less than $20.)

2. Reach Out to Reading Groups

Search for online reading groups that may be interested in your eBook. A great place to start is Contact those reading groups and ask them if they would be interested in checking out your eBook. Ask that, in return for the free eBook, they write a review or blog post about your eBook, linking back to your order page.

3. Utilize Your Blog

If you don’t already have a blog, you should set one up immediately. Blogging is a great way to promote your business or the products and services you provide. You can easily set up a blog at or Beginning blogging regularly (every day or once every other day) about topics that are of interest to the readers you want to attract to your eBook. After you’ve kept your blog going for a couple of weeks, blog about your eBook.

These are just three ways to reach out to the masses and promote your eBook. You took the time to write and carefully plan what you wanted to say in your eBook. Now take the time to promote it and get the word out!

Dr. Edward F. Group is the author of The Green Body Cleanse (now available in eBook form for the Amazon Kindle) and the founder of Global Healing Center, makers of Oxy-Powder.