How to Market a Book

If you plan to market your book by yourself, you may find that doing so is extremely hard and very frustrating. You will have to learn about book marketing if you wish to take control of your book and market it online. This will generate new sales and a wider fan base.

Create a Website for Your Book

In order to begin marketing your book online you will need to have a place for your readers to learn more about your book. This is where creating an online website for your book comes in. There are many different services online that allow you to create your own website for your book easily. You should make sure that your website features a shopping cart as well. This will make things easier for potential readers. They will be able to purchase your book straight from your website. However, you can only do this if you have published your book by yourself. If you did not publish your book by yourself, you will need to obtain permission from your publishers to sell copies of the book yourself.

Make a PayPal Account

If you were able to add a shopping cart to your book, your next step will be to create a PayPal account. PayPal is the easiest way to pay other people. It is also the easiest way to be paid. A PayPal account makes processing payments and receiving payments easier. In addition, you may need to use a PayPal account for any business payments that you may have to make. This may include paying for various online services, website domains, supplies and advertising.

Market Your Book through Social Networks

After you have made your PayPal account, you are ready to start attracting potential readers. You may want to set up promotional pages on Facebook and MySpace. Make sure these pages are informational as well as promotional. Use your Facebook page and your MySpace page to promote your book. Try contacting authors, book clubs, bookstore owners and even publishers. Let them know about your book and ask if they are interested. Be careful about promoting your book on these websites. You do not want to promote your book too much and force people away from it.

Join Online Clubs

You can promote your book even further by joining different online writer groups, online book clubs and even online writer forums. Make sure that you participate in all of these groups. Each time that you participate in a group that may be interested in the genre of your book, you are exposing others to your book. However, you should remember not to promote your book in any way that may be considered offensive. Doing so could force forum mediators to delete your account.

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    Social networking is a way to get your books marketed. Just be connected to the right community. I guess Forum would do also fine in marketing books.
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