How Often Do You Need to Blog?

how-often-blogFiguring out how often you should blog is a big deal. If you don’t update your blog enough, you might lose your hard-earned viewers. If you update your blog too much, you might overwhelm your loyal blog readers and many of them might never come back to your site. To avoid these problems, you have to figure out the right frequency of updates for your blog. The problem with this issue is that there is no simple answer. The answer depends completely on your blog’s particular needs and the audience you are trying to serve. Consider the issues raised by the questions below.

What is the purpose of your blog?
If you have a news blog, you need to blog as quickly as the news develops. If you have a blog that is purely creative, you can get away with more periodic posts. However, if you are an authority blogger on a specific topic, you only need to blog when you have compiled enough information regarding a sub-section of the topic you’re covering. This type of topic doesn’t need frequent blog posts but it does need in-depth information. This means that even if you are aren’t publishing regularly, you are putting in the effort and time to write a comprehensively research addition to the body of knowledge you already have on your blog. This is what your readers expect if you run an authority content blog. In short, the purpose of your blog drives the expectations your readers have regarding the frequency of your updates.

Who is your audience?
Your audience’s identity also drives how frequently you should update your blog. If your audience is made up primarily of people who are looking for late-breaking news or who need the latest developments regarding the niche you are covering, you need to update frequently. If, on the other hand, your audience is composed of people who are using search engines to find your posts on authoritative subjects or reference posts, you can afford to update less frequently assuming there are enough resource or authority pages on your blog to take care of the needs of your audience.

Do you already have an established brand?
Another consideration to keep in mind when figuring out how frequently you should update is your blog brand. If you already have an established brand and people already come to your blog for authoritative information, you might not have to update as much as before. However, if you are still trying to make a name for yourself, you might need to work a bit harder at attracting an audience and giving your audience what they are looking for. Keep in mind that if you are running a news site, or you have a site that features late-breaking updates or focuses on themes that update quickly, you may need to update daily or even several times a day. This depends on the information you are able to collect and also the expectations of your blog’s readers.

By paying attention to your niche and your blog’s actual visitors you can determine the right volume and frequency of updates. This is a crucial factor in figuring out how to serve your blog’s readers best. Don’t get this wrong.