Get You and Your Book Noticed

Join a Networking Group – Whether it is your local Chamber of Commerce, a writers group or some other association that speaks to your passion and desire to get your book noticed, networking is a great way to let people know who you are. Pick a few that you really like and then show up each month. Networking and building relationships take time but the payoff is well worth it!

Host Your Own Book Launch Party – Host a party to celebrate your hard work and share your accomplishment with friends and family. Create a theme around the topic of your book.

Get A Booth At A Flea Market – Nearly every community has a flea market during tourist season. Try renting to sell your works. Invite other local authors to participate too.

Be Public - Post your business card and small posters you have made about your book on every bulletin board you can find.

Speak Out – Get your book and story in your employer’s newsletter, association, church and professional group’s newsletters.

Mail It – Develop a flyer about your book and send it to everyone you know.

Be a Philanthropist - Donate signed copies of your book to a local school, library or non-profit organization. Contact the organization ahead of time, and offer to do an author event. In some cases, you may be able to coordinate the donation ahead of time so the audience has a chance to read your book and ask pertinent questions.

Promote - Run a holiday promotion for your book that includes donating a percentage of the sales to a local charity, school or library.

Donate – Sell or donate copies of your book as gifts or incentives for fundraisers. Local NPR radio stations, PBS TV stations and a number of other organizations can give away copies of your book when patrons pledge to support the organization. Ask to appear on the TV or radio program with your book, and make sure your book is included on all marketing materials for the fundraiser. Donate copies of your book for military personnel stationed overseas. Non^profits like the United Service Organizations can accept your donations and coordinate the final delivery to the troops.

Susan Burnash is the owner of Purple Duck Marketing in Kirkland, Washington. Her company focuses on marketing, public relations, and video production for authors, speakers, small businesses and nonprofits. Please visit her website at Susan can be contacted by phone at 425-896-8959 or by email at