Get Author Appearances and Book Signings Now

Call Or Drop By:

author_appearance.jpg1.    Your Local Library – Most libraries enjoy featuring local writers for readings or signings. Entice them with a contribution back to the library for any book sales you do as part of your appearance.

2.    Your Local Bookstore – Many local bookstores have regularly scheduled author readings. Tell them that you (or your publicist) are organizing a book tour and would love to start it with an appearance in your own town.

3.    Book Clubs – Many of the larger bookstores operate book clubs that meet in the stores. Churches, libraries, seniors’ centers, and municipal recreation associations also often operate book clubs. Visit your local librarians and see if they know of clubs operating in your area.

4.    Your Local Retail Gift Shop (if your book is appropriate for their offerings) – Many gift shops haven’t ever considered doing an author reading or carrying local author’s books. Let them know you will invite your friends to attend as well which will help bring more potential customers into their store.

5.    Your Local Specialty Store – Find ones that sell products around your books topic (i.e. business = office supply store, sport theme = sporting goods store, etc.)

6.    Your Local Chamber Of Commerce – Every Chamber has monthly networking and membership events. They are often struggling to find topics and things to do to encourage their members to attend.

7.    Community Associations – Rotary, Kiwanis, etc. have monthly meetings that usually feature speakers, etc. Offer to talk about writing your book as well as potentially doing a brief reading. If they aren’t interested in a book signing, make sure you have a business card or postcard to hand out afterwards so interested members can purchase your book.

8.    Your Local Schools Or Colleges – Offer to conduct an author event. You can speak about writing and publishing your book, read passages from your work or answer questions from the audience. Many schools already have an adult reading program in place and would be happy to have an author read from their own book.

9.     Local Businesses Or Corporations – Many companies hold special employee events and are often open to new ways of making them fun and interesting. Offer them your time and expertise with an “author event.”

Susan Burnash is the owner of Purple Duck Marketing in Kirkland, Washington. Her company focuses on marketing, public relations, and video production for authors, speakers, small businesses and nonprofits. Please visit her website at Susan can be contacted by phone at 425-896-8959 or by email at