Four Tips for Breaking through Writer’s Block

We’ve all been there: you have the perfect idea for the next great American novel, but you just can’t get around to actually writing it. Writing, unlike most other disciplines, requires keen intuition and a kind of fluidity of the mind that can be hard to harness with the many distractions and stresses of everyday life. Because of the difficulty in achieving this fluidity constantly, many writers suffer from writer’s block, a condition which completely limits one’s ability to conjure and express creative ideas. From blogging to writing poetry to writing essays-writer’s block can ruin a variety of writing activities that can reduce daily productivity significantly. Fortunately, there are several ways writers can break this cycle for a more productive day.

- Keep a Notebook With You Everywhere
Good ideas always seem to strike when you least expect it, so always take advantage of one when the time comes. Whether you are in a crowded subway or alone in your bedroom, write down your good idea immediately and embellish it as much as possible. It is usually much easier to return to an idea and get inspired by it later than to try and remember it a few days later with nothing to go off of.

- Read
Reading is one of the best ways to get rid of writer’s block because it unlocks your imagination and helps you get into the flow of writing. When you read often, you tend to pick up a lot of what you read in terms of writing style and structure, which can improve your own writing in the long run. Read something close to the style and structure of what you are trying to write. For example, if you are having trouble blogging, read some other blogs on a similar subject and try to go off of the ideas they present. Reading poetry seems to help for all kinds of writing because it gets you into a deep, meditative state that can help you better express your feelings and ideas.

- Change Your Scenery
It’s difficult to get inspired when you spend all day inside your home or a coffee shop or wherever your usual writing place is. Change up your surroundings by writing in a park, at the beach, or even in a boat in the middle of a lake. The more sensory stimulation, the better for getting rid of writer’s block and feeling inspired again. If you feel more comfortable at home, try decorating your usual writing area with inspiring pieces of art, beautiful photographs, and colored lighting for a transformed mood.

-Write Down Your Dreams
Most of us have incredibly vivid and interesting imaginations that are unlocked mostly during unconscious dreaming. In dreaming, the laws of the natural world are always bending and breaking for the sake of creativity. Take advantage of this wonderful creative period by writing down the images and thoughts that come to you during these phases. They may help you express something you have been trying to say for a while, but can’t quite figure out the words for.

Diane Johnson primarily writes about Grand Canyon University and anything else that interests her. Her hobbies include traveling, reading, and shopping.


  1. M.E. Anders says

    Good tips to quash writer’s block. I enjoy decorating my office with artsy things to keep my creativity flowing. A bit of randnomness never hurts. :)