Food for Thought: Inspiring Authors to be Tastier


Coffee, Tea, or Water? What’s the first question you get when you sit down at a restaurant? What would you like to drink? What is the first question you get as an author by everyone you meet, “What is your book about?”

Every author needs a 30 sec. elevator speech, or talking points. Make these points simple and clear. What is your book really about? While you are thinking about your options, imagine offering them coffee, tea, or water, instead of the whole juice bar. Write one or two sentences that capture the essence of your book.

These are the talking points we use for John English, author of The Little Book on Relationship: “The Little Book offers tools and techniques to evolve your knowledge of self, while recognizing your connection to all that is through every encounter in your life.”

Once you feel clear that you have a workable set of talking points, practice these points in front of a mirror, with your spouse, with friends. Are you having a hard time saying the lines you’ve chosen? Try simplifying them, or switching them around. Keep working with them until you can say them and feel totally relaxed while getting your message across.

The friendliness and openness you offer along with your talking points will really help people to choose your book. Remember, you are just getting your foot into the door with these talking points. When you start from a point of brevity and clarity, there is always the option of opening the door further. Then you can expand on your favorite topic.

Mari Selby, Director of Selby ink. We are passionate about promoting authors and their books. Selby ink does both traditional as well as online publicity and promotion. We specialize in books that make a difference in people’s lives.