Five Ways to Get Powerful Publicity

The first way to get media coverage is to tie your book’s message to the things that are making news.

The second way is to anticipate the news.Check your calendar and look to see what holidays are coming up.
Memorial Day means:

  • War
  • Security
  • International relations
  • Death,
  • History, etc.
  • Father’s Day means:
  • Dads
  • Grandfathers,
  • Parenting,
  • Family, etc.

Can you speak on those topics?

Also, think of how your message ties into a season, or an honorary day, week or month.

The third way is to actually make news with the results of your research, surveys, interviews with important people, or the uncovering of hidden facts. Even if your book lacks original earth-shattering news, perhaps you can create a poll of 500 people on your subject and then report those results.

The fourth way is to give out news we can use. If you can shed light on the newest treatments for a disease or effective parenting strategies or tell us the three smartest ways to save for retirement, people will listen.

The fifth and final way is to raise an issue or ask a question. For instance, declare something interesting or controversial. Should pets be allowed to sue for health care? Should we eliminate the presidency and instead have three co-presidents? Should there be a legal limit on how much someone can weigh? Should people who have cosmetic surgery be forced to disclose this to the people they date?

Reprinted from “Rick Frishman‘s Author101 Newsletter”
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