ePublish: Self-Publish Fast and Profitably for Kindle, iPhone, CreateSpace and Print on Demand

Sell your book now, in eBook and paperback! Book marketing guru Steve Weber shares the secrets big publishers don’t want you to know: ? Profit now by uploading your book to Amazon’s Kindle, Apple’s iPhone, and other mobile platforms. ? Turn your text into a profitable paperback edition with no upfront costs for printing, storage, or shipping. ? Get free, global exposure with no marketing costs. ? Discover why you don’t need a traditional publisher or agent. ? Get reviews for your book and maximize sales. ? See the fastest, cheapest way to copyright a book in your name. ? Get tax breaks and home-office write offs. ? Price your content for maximum profits. ? Cut out costly middlemen. ? Spin off your books into more cash-producing formats. ? Expand your income and marketing with podcasting. No longer must new writers “pay their dues” by working for free and getting rejection notes. Now you can upload your sample chapter or short story to Amazon

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