Donna Lee – Nowheresville, Everywhere, Earth

What is your most recent book? Tell us a bit about it.

My most recent book is called, Nowheresville, Everywhere, Earth. It is a book of essays on several different topics with controversial slants, like religion, psychology, philosophy, schooling in America, etc. I wrote some of these essays for college courses, others I wrote at different times over a 14 year period between 1991 and 2004. I competed (unsuccessfully) with it for the Pulitzer Prize in the Spring of 2009. I’m sure that my take on these subjects will be surprising, if not shocking to many readers. . .at first. However, those who have commented on the book have said that what I say is true, if sobering.

Tell us something about yourself.

I have lived in Jamaica, Queens, New York in the same apartment for the past 19 years. I am single and have never married or had children. The most interesting, or should I say, shocking, thing about me is that I, like another famous African-American female author, Gloria Naylor, whose most famous work is, The Women of Brewster Place, am a victim of what is known as gang stalking. This is similar to the phenomenon displayed in the movie, Gaslighting, however, it involves many more people and many people never get free of it their whole lives. I have been suffering under this psychological terrorism for over three decades (!) Gloria Naylor wrote a fictionalized book about it called, 1996, which is a play on Orwell’s, 1984. As portrayed in 1984, gang stalking is a system that envelopes one’s whole life almost to the exclusion of all else except daily activities. We do manage to do other things, like publish books, commit acts of charity and random acts of kindness (at least I do), however, it is a struggle to do almost anything. I’ll put a link where people can find out more, including about a Lt. of police in Santa Cruz who has testified openly on Fox News that this secret, not openly known or discussed, except to its perpetrators and victims, truly exists and that the people complaining of noise campaigns, losing their jobs, and relationships, and homes, are NOT at all just imagining these things!

How did you choose the title?

I’ve been studying many subjects intensely as a self-taught person for over 30 decades, including the psychological theories of Carl Jung and how they relate to astrology. I’ve had two articles published in the Mountain Astrologer, and Dell Horoscope in their Feb./Mar. 2005 and May 2005 issues entitled, Saturn and the Shadow, and Jung’s Psychological Types and Astrology, respectively. I wrote to a famous Jungian Analyst, Marion Woodman, several months before deciding to publish my book of essays, asking for her help with a project I wanted help with. She wrote me back in a letter with no return address (it was obvious that she didn’t want to hear from me again!), which I almost didn’t open, but since it was from Canada, something piqued my intuition and I thought I should open it. She said she wouldn’t help and I became furious! I sent her a postcard at her publisher’s address with a return address of, “Nowheresville, Everywhere, Earth,” which described the place I’d felt I’d been in almost all my life, and certainly was in with Ms. Woodman! I decided to name my book that, as well. I feel I should have named it, simply, Nowheresville, because people would have remembered it more easily, but that was way after the book was published. I also thought that a more accurate title would have been, Nowheresville, Everywhere, U.S.A. This, although many victims of the persecution I suffer go to different countries and the persecution just follows them there, so perhaps my title was correct in the first place. Also, I discovered when I googled the title of my book, that there’s an actual town in Illinois called, Nowheresville!

What types of books do you like to read? Who are your favorite authors?

I tend to read a lot of British authors. Although American by birth, I was raised from infancy to seven in the Bahamas, which at the time of my residence was a British protectorate, so I have a decidedly British sensibility. I like Graham Greene, Mary Stewart, and am currently rereading a charming book by a newer British Author. My favorite author of all is Mary Renault, especially her historical novels about ancient Greece. My father introduced me to her books inadvertently, by buying them and leaving them in our household when he left when I was eight. I did not read these books until I was 20, when my persecution started in earnest and I had to withdraw into myself in order to survive. I thought they were wonderful and for many years I reread them at least once per year. I believe strongly in reincarnation and I believe that Ms. Renault, my father, and I, were all in ancient Greece together.

One specific quality I like about British authors is the great many details they include in their works, and their skill in describing them, or portraying them. I also tend to like books about the places I’ve lived, including James Hall’s, Hot Damn!, essays about life in Miami, Florida, where I enjoyed living for three years, though always shadowed by the gang stalkers, the singer, Jimmy Buffett’s, A Pirate at 40, about the Bahamas, and surrounding areas, as well as Key West, and Layle Giusto (another self-published author), who wrote, Winds off Kylarmi, about the Bahamas. In any case, I’m an inveterate reader and have a library of some 500 books, all of which I’ve read around four times each (!) over the years I’ve been collecting them.

Are you working on your next book? What can you tell us about it?

My next book is a compilation of one-page weekly newsletters called, Inquiry Journal, that I self-published in 2003, tentatively to be called, Inquiry Journal Compilation. Each newsletter consisted of several quotes from books I’ve read over the years which inspired me and shaped my character. I thought others might enjoy reading them, and perhaps like to read the whole of the books I selected these quotes from. I am posting one per week on my blog on my website Just click on “Realblog,” to see what my favorite authors have to say. And read on!

What is the best advice you could give other writers about writing or publishing?

If you don’t feel absolutely compelled to publish, DON’T! It can be very hard slogging over a long period of time, and I believe very few authors have it really easy, and that as Jackson Brown said in his little tome, Life’s Little Instruction Book, which he wrote for his son when his son was going off to college, “Overnight success takes about 15 years.”

Where can readers learn more about you and your book?

You can get my book at: Click on “Advanced Search,” and type the title of my book, Nowheresville, Everywhere, Earth, into the “Title” slot, then my name, Donna Lee, into the “Author Name” slot then click the “Go” button at the bottom. This will bring you right to my book page where you can purchase my book. You can learn more about gang stalking by going to: