Do Not Say “In My Book”

Push the book–you are there to sell. Well – Yes and No. Often authors are trying to sell their book so hard that they turn off the host and the audience. There is a quid pro quo here. The host will introduce you as the author of your book in the beginning. Then maybe in the middle of the interview- and hopefully once at the end. That is great!. You want him to promote your book – not you. But if you keep talking about it- you will come off as a pushy, pain in the butt author–and we don’t want that.

Your job is to teach the audience- make them fall in love with you. Not to just sell your book. So what are the 3 words that you NEVER say in an interview?


You can refer to it by using the title, e.g., “When I was researching “Where’s Your Wow” I interviewed 100 CEOs and they taught me that…” but don’t say IN MY BOOK!

Reprinted from “Rick Frishman‘s Author101 Newsletter”
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