Denise Sumotzy – Author Interview

Tell us about yourself.

I, Denise Sumotzy (Sue-mot-zee), was born in Monroe, Louisiana. I was raised from infancy in St. Louis, Missouri – where I currently reside.

I began my literary journey in 2005. I have written several short stories, and many inspirational poems.

Current book release(s):
Flowers for My Best Friend, self-published by Denise Sumotzy
Nunley the K-nine Sheriff, published by Mirror Publishing

Children’s fiction titles include:
Nunley the K-nine Sheriff, Flowers for My Best Friend, Captain Rigami, Adventures of Anna Belle, Adventures of Anna Belle 2, Adventures of Anna Belle 3, Adventures of Anna Belle 4, Adventures of Anna Belle 5, Adventures of Anna Belle 6, Adventures of Anna Belle 7.

Fiction romance titles include:
Hidden Identity, Crete Goodege, Lighthouse, Remnant of A Shadow, Her Secret Heart, and Faded Beauty.

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Could you please tell us a little about what you’re working on, or what you have coming out?

My children’s book entitled, Flowers for My Best Friend, has just been released – self-published by me at:

I am also currently writing articles for my Christian online dating/relationship website which I plan to launch. In addition to that, I am taking courses in screenwriting.

Do you outline when you write?

I never really outline when I write. I usually start with a storyline I’ve created in my mind. From that point on, I begin to write the story.

Have you always wanted to be a writer?

I was about 8 years old when my mom asked me what I wanted to be when I grow up. I remember saying that I wanted to be a fashion designer & a writer. The thought of becoming a fashion designer stuck with me for a while. However, becoming a writer somehow escaped my memory. Anyway, I gave up the idea of becoming a fashion designer early on in life….Perhaps I’ll pursue a career as a fashion designer in another life. Smiles

As for becoming a writer, it happened one day (2005) after I returned home from bible study. I prayed to God for direction in my life. You see, I’ve always known I was supposed to be doing something great, but I couldn’t quite reach it…Whatever “it” was.

After I prayed, I began writing down some of my prayers. I guess I thought God would better hear me. Well, those short prayers seemed to make a lot of sense to me. I noticed that while I was writing, it was sort of therapeutic. I began to feel better just by expressing my thought’s on paper. Sooo, I began writing little poems. I was in love!
Since then, I have been writing many short stories.

Who or what do you write for?

I write because, first, it’s my passion. I find great joy and solace in creating fiction stories filled with a message from the heart. Additionally, I would say I’m more of a children’s book writer because I feel it’s important to give children a good start in life. What better way than a story they can be encouraged by.

Do you listen to music while you write? What type?

I do listen to music sometimes when I write. As for the type of music, I like a variety of music: Jazz, R&B, Country

Do you incorporate a message into your book(s)? What is the message?

As a children’s book author, I feel it’s important that the reader can be uplifted, motivated, and inspired by my words. Hopefully, they will want to become a more productive person.

What inspires you?

Well, I would say that while I’m not an avid reader of books, I find great inspiration in reading short stories on a variety of topics. By reading short stories (non-fiction), it helps to broaden my vocabulary as well as my imagination.

Who has influenced you the most?

Since I can remember, my mother has always influenced me to do the very BEST at whatever endeavor I was engaging in.

What are you reading now? What are your thoughts on it?

Right now I am reading a very short (3 pages) article on the Boab tree, and its history. I think it’s incredible that there is a tree that serves so many purposes in life. The Boab tree lives for centuries at a time, can store vast amounts of water, blooms only at night, and was used as a holding place for men of old. I am very much enlightened!

Who is your all time favorite character?

I very much like Pollyanna, the character from the Eleanor Porter books.

What is your advice for writers?

Well, for myself, I always like to say a prayer before writing. It’s important for me to recognize the source behind my talent. In addition to that, I take a trip to visit my good friend at the nearest public library…The Writers Market. A book that has helped to sculpt me into the writer I am today. Website:

You’ve only got five books with you on a desert island. Which five would you choose?

I’m not a book reader. I only read short non-fiction articles. However, if I just had to take along a book, it would be the bible.

Is there a way for readers to contact you? Do you have a blog, website, Myspace?

Readers can visit me on

Readers can also visit me on for information on my new online Christian dating/relationship website which will launch in May, 2010.

Do you have a zombie plan?

By zombie plan, I’m assuming you mean “down-time.” As a writer, I never really have any down time because I always seem to have some sort of idea in my head that I absolutely must put on paper. In the summer months, I do however like to travel and spend time with my family.