Creative Book Promotion Ideas

book-promotion-ideasCreativity is the key to finding out the best creative book promotion ideas. The truth is that good book promotion ideas will yield the best results and enable authors to swiftly make huge returns from their investment. Below are some book promotion ideas to help you market your book.

Free self publishing promotion

Article marketing is a great way of promoting a self published book free of charge. It consists of writing short articles and uploading them to article directories. Each article you write has a resource box at the end, where you can put links to the resource you want to promote. A great tip is to use the title of your book or relevant keywords as a link which takes readers to the sales page of your book.

Author book signings

Author book signings will generate publicity about the book you are promoting. Most newspapers normally print small announcements of author book signings and, even if an author only sells a few books, he is reaching new customers and booksellers who can recommend the book to others.

Social book promotion

Internet has many new features which can be used for book promotion. One of them is social bookmarking. This is like putting your favorites or bookmarks online, where they can be shared with others.  One key aspect of this is tagging, this means assigning keywords to your bookmarks. A bookmark can have several keywords and this can work well for the sales page of your self-published book. Social bookmarking normally attracts lots of traffic to tagged sites, so it is a great way to advertise a new self published book.

Learn from the street people

When you want to get your work out there, you have to focus on the obvious which is selling your book. Book promotion or marketing is all about sales so become a sales person. When you are at an event remember the following tips:

  • Be proactive – if any potential reader tries to ignore your book, do not let them. Try and engage them in a conversation.
  • Offer them something like stickers, food, bookmarks, etc. Many people love free things!
  • Ensure that your book cover is in clear view and displayed nicely and neatly.
  • Look approachable, smile with people, for goodness sake! No one will enjoy reading a book written by a grump!

Do not wait for them to say they that want the book, you can assume that they already do. Once you have had a conversation about your book, close the deal in a creative way.

Donate your time to charity, too.

Another fantastic way of book promotion which many people overlook is by donating some of your time to a local charity or non-profit organization. It will not only make you feel better and help the group, but it can also in generating publicity for your book. For instance, if you wrote a book about pets, you can donate time to your local Humane Society. You can edit their newsletter, and include a bio with your book’s information. You can also donate some books to them to sell.

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