Create Involvement With Your Readers

If readers love your first book, you have the opportunity to make them lifetime fans of your work and your related products and services. Guerrillas know that it costs six times more to attract new fans than it does to sell to satisfied readers. So when you add new readers to your network of fans, do whatever you can to enlist them in your publishing network for life.

The real payoff from readers only comes if you can make them lifetime fans who:

  • Buy all of your books for themselves and their friends and tell everyone they know that they must read them.
  • Come to all of your talks and book signings.
  • Can”t wait to purchase whatever you create.

You can’t pay someone to do that. It can only happen because of their passion for your books and their pleasure at being involved with you and your career. Your Web site is the perfect weapon for staying involved with your readers and for them to stay involved with you.

Every time new readers buy one of your books, they are investing in you. If they invest the time to read your book and like it, you have the opportunity to invest your time in them and start an enduring relationship.

Use your biography or a page in the back of the book to invite them to become involved with you as a member of your literary community by:

  • Attending your talks
  • Contacting you at your Web site
  • Following you on Twitter
  • Becoming a fan of your books on Facebook
  • Writing you at the address in your books
  • Calling you at the (preferably toll-free) phone number in your books

You can show your involvement with your fans by being cordial when you contact them, by being helpful to them, and by asking about them.

From “Guerrilla Marketing for Writers”

Reprinted from “Rick Frishman‘s Author101 Newsletter”
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