Craig Martin, Th.D. – Author Interview

What is your most recent book?

Elemental Love Styles: Find Compatibility and Create a Lasting Relationship. It’s a new method that I’ve developed from ancient mysticism that helps people better understand intimacy and ultimately have the lasting, meaningful relationship they’re looking for. By using the four elements from nature, Fire, Air, Water, and Earth, readers gain an understanding of what they most deeply need from love, and how to work it out with prospective partners.

What do you believe is the hardest part of writing?

The hardest part of writing is finding the perseverance to go back to the writing table even when it’s hard to do – even when you may have to rewrite an entire section – even when you discover that something you wrote, you don’t really like it – even when the writing doesn’t feel linear or connected or on point.

Did you learn anything from writing this book?

Yes! So much! I learned a tremendous amount about my own relationships with people. Writing a book about relationships and having an approach that I wanted to share crystallized for me, a way of seeing myself in relationship to other people and I became accountable to my own message. And more than that, I found the magic that the perseverance provides. Writing is tough, but when you stick with it, and your message moves through you and onto the paper, then you get that wonderful feeling of something important happening and it feels great, and it’s worth the struggle.

How did you know you wanted to be a writer? How did you get started?

I knew that writing was going to be the first best way for me to share my insight with others. So, I know I wanted to a writer because I knew I wanted to share my thoughts with others.

I got started when the time felt right. There came a point in my career and my experience when my inner voice encouraged me to begin. Many things aligned for me at that time.

How did you publish this book?

I completed my manuscript and queried literary agents in the self-help genre. The agent I chose really understood me and what I wanted to teach. She was interested in my topic, my book, my writing style, and me as an author. We talked about publishers that we should contact that were publishing my kind of material. We chose an initial query of just 2 publishers. I wanted Beyond Words publishing because I really like the authors who are in their house.

What is your best advice for other writers?

Writing is a discipline and it is self-imposed. So, set up a routine. We do that with lots of things – from going to the gym to eating right, and even brushing your teeth is a part of your routine. All routine things take effort, but they have incredibly good results! Discipline your writing. It’s the only way to push through the inertia.

What are you doing for promotions?

Social networking is so big nowadays. I’m on Facebook, I have a fan page, I’m on Twitter, and I’m making my own video shorts about my book and placing them on YouTube. I’m also working with the publisher to set up book events at bookstores. Promotions are so important for the book to be a success.

Where can readers learn more about you and your book?

1. Readers can learn more about me at or at Both sites have information about the book and about my private practice.

I also have an author page that’s set up by Simon and Schuster. There’s a lot of fun information there about me and how I wrote my book. You can find that at

There’s a video trailer for the book, that was also a part of promoting the book that’s posted there.