How to Write Haiku


  Haikus are famous around the world for many reasons, one being that they’re always short and sweet and easy to write. While haikus may be short, they’re definitely not easy. They’re a very structured form of writing that packs a huge punch in very little words. Originally, haikus focused on senses and had a lot to do with nature and one’s surroundings. In more modern … [Read more...]

Selling Poetry Books


Poetry has the ability to move people in ways plain prose seldom does, yet most readers shy away from poetry because they think it is difficult to understand, boring, or not as informative as prose books. But a poetry book can sell if it has a gimmick or hook to entice readers. Poetry is a beautiful form of self-expression that can lead readers to new insights as well as … [Read more...]

Poetry Book Publishing Tips For The Uninitiated Poet


Poetry touches human lives and can bring their awareness of life experiences onto a higher level. Surely, that is enough to make any one who writes poetry, desire to get their poems published and read. If you are an aspiring poet who yearns to see your works published, keep in mind that it is not an impossible goal, but one that entails a lot of hard work. First of all, if … [Read more...]

How To Publish Poetry


Most poets often write to express their thoughts and emotions even with the possibility that their poems will not be read. However, nothing can be sweeter for poets than to be recognized for their work and to see their masterpieces on leading publications. Getting published does give a sense of fulfillment for poets, for it is one way to share a part of themselves to others. … [Read more...]

How Self Publishing Saved My Life


I first wanted to write a book when I was 24-years old working in Hong Kong. I carried this passion through my 20's and 30's. It wasn't until I started writing philosophy papers that I realized I could write original poems from my theories. One day I was struck with the creative muse! Twenty minutes later I completed six poems. I started creating websites to showcase my … [Read more...]

How to Give a Successful Poetry Reading (and Sell Books)


Ninety-five percent of all books of poetry are sold at poetry readings, and that is where you will sell most of yours. For a poet, self-published or otherwise, readings are not only desirable, they are essential. Readings are -- or should be -- full-scale, carefully planned performances at which you and your work are the stars. Unfortunately, these powerful marketing events are … [Read more...]