Is Your Publisher Upselling You?


We get junk faxes all the time from self-publishing firms. Somehow, we ended up on their lists and they send us fax after fax after fax (and spam, too) announcing books that have nothing at all to do with our audience of writers. It's unfortunate, because the vast number of faxes they're sending out to the same list makes it obvous that other recipients are probably doing the … [Read more...]

Traditional and Subsidy Publishers – Advantages and Disadvantages


Traditional and Self-Publishing Companies have different advantages and disadvantages. Choosing the right publisher for your book can begin simply by analyzing information on a publisher’s website. From there, you can compare different companies and crunch your numbers to decide which publisher or publishing option is the best one for your book. Many first-time authors want … [Read more...]

POD Publishing and Editing Your Book


Self-published books are often frowned upon because of poor editing. While some authors try to save money by not having their books professionally edited, other authors find they have hired incompetent editors or print-on-demand publishers who produce a flawed product. Authors need to know what to expect before they agree to any editing. Where do you find a good editor? Many … [Read more...]

Self-Publishing Made Easy – Self-Publishing or Print-on-Demand?


With the advent of technology, writers have numerous options when it comes to publishing. If you’re blessed to get a book deal with a traditional publisher (i.e. Random House, Simon & Schuster, HarperCollins), you’ll get an advance, royalties and a marketing allowance. Given the volatility of the book industry and emergence of e-books, landing a deal with a traditional … [Read more...]

Advantages of On Demand Publishing


On demand publishing or Print on Demand (POD) publishing is a current printing method in which books are printed as needed. No printing beforehand means money isn’t tied up in inventory and publishers do not have to store unsold books. Although POD publishing is the usual printing method for subsidy publishers (so-called "self-publishing companies"), even traditional book … [Read more...]

Self-Publishing Success: How You Can Earn $30,000 a Month with POD Publishing


When I went to publish my book, Planting Design Illustrated, I received lots of interest from traditional publishers. But they wanted to make a lot of changes including adding a co-author. These were changes that would have made me dislike my own book! So, I turned to self-publishing. At the time, making a lot of money was not at the top of my priorities. I simply wanted to … [Read more...]

Publishing on Demand


Some call it just plain ”publishing.” Others claim to have self-published their books when they use Publishing on Demand (POD). Actually neither designation is completely correct. Yes, it is a kind of publishing, but a very special kind. It is not self-publishing, a process that differs substantially and requires far more expertise and involvement. POD is an outgrowth of the … [Read more...]

POD Publicity – Sell More of Your Print on Demand Book


Print on demand publishing is an easy, fast and inexpensive way to publish your own book. However, unless you promote it is unlikely that you will sell more than a few copies. Heather Wallace can help you to sell more books, with the helpful information in her book, POD Publicity - How to Take a Print on Demand Book from Obscurity to Profitability. In POD Publicity, Wallace … [Read more...]