What Can We Learn from Oprah Winfrey?

Oprah Winfrey - Photo Credit: Janet Mayer / Photorazzi, Licensed via PRPhotos.com

Oprah is a queen and no one can say a bad word about her. But the story of her last year – the first year when she left network TV to start her OWN network, is instructive. She lost her base. You’d think her loyal followers of 20 years would follow her to cable, but they didn’t. Why? Doesn’t everyone have cable? Is it too hard to switch from Channel 4 to Channel 400 (or … [Read more...]

Oprah Effect – What Authors Can Learn from Oprah


There’s no denying that Oprah can make a company successful overnight. The stories of her successful imprint radiate from the pages of Forbes, Business Week and many others to attest to the kingmaker position Oprah has played. Now that her show is off the air, what are authors, marketers and PR people to do? First of all, realize that Oprah was a lottery ticket. Like a … [Read more...]

How to Get Booked on Oprah


Most people believe that getting on Oprah will make them a millionaire, their book a bestseller or their business boom. For your career to take-off like the last space shuttle, you must prepare to make the most of your appearance. Here are some hot tips to help you get invited as a guest on the show, rivet your audience on the air, and ultimately sell yourself along with your … [Read more...]

Get on ‘Oprah’ via O Magazine


The big mistake most people make when trying go get onto "Oprah" is failing to understand that their product, service, cause or issue isn't a perfect match with Oprah's audience. Day after day, I see people with academic topics, or products for the corporate suite, or services for niche audiences trying to compete with the gazillion other Publicity Hounds who are pitching … [Read more...]

Can You Get Me on Oprah?


As publicists, the number one question we get is: "Can you get me on Oprah?" Or, clients give us a declarative statement: "The only thing I want is to get on Oprah!" Here are some insights on the "Big O" which might help put the Queen of all Media in perspective as it relates to book promotion. Oprah certainly is the gold standard of book publicity; an appearance on her … [Read more...]

Who Will Be the New Oprah?


Oprah Winfrey has announced that she will end her long-running talk show in 2011, and there is a lot of speculation about who—if anyone—will be able to fill her shoes. Authors love Oprah. A single mention by Oprah is considered enough to launch a book on the best seller lists, and most authors dream of sitting next to Oprah for an interview. So who will authors look to when … [Read more...]

Baseball and the Art of Book Publicity


If you’ve spoken to many publicists, you may have heard some analogies between baseball and book promotion. I probably use them everyday when speaking with clients or prospective clients, because they make key points succinctly and in an understandable manner. Here is the analogy distilled to its simplest form: Publicity is like baseball because both involve small hits, … [Read more...]

Before Oprah – 5 Tips for PR Professionals Who’ve Struck Gold


The following is for hard working PR professionals and those who strive to promote their own work. When that golden day comes, and a producer or journalist calls you and says, "you're going to be on the XYZ show," or "you're going to be featured in XYZ," it pays to be ready with the appropriate media materials, and followup plan... but for those initial moments of utter joy … [Read more...]

Oprah – Get on The Oprah Winfrey Show

Do you dream of being on The Oprah Winfrey Show? Lots of people do. An appearance on Oprah is considered by many to be the pinnacle of success. Authors dream of having best selling books as a result of an Oprah appearance, or by being selected for Oprah's Book Club. … [Read more...]