7 Questions to Ask Before You Write a Nonfiction Book


1.  Why do you want to write a book? There are as many reasons to write a book as there are books. Whether you are truly an authority on a subject or not, just put that subject between book covers, and people will assume you must be. If you do a good job of promoting your book, you may actually make money on it. Although writing books does not guarantee that you will get rich … [Read more...]

7 Ways a Coach Can Help You Write Your Nonfiction Book

If you are working on your first book, guidance and support from a knowledgeable source is a gift. But, even if you have done this before, a book coach can make writing a nonfiction book smoother, more organized, and more efficient. Here are some of the things a book coach can do for you. 1. A book coach is a teacher, partner, and personal cheerleader. You may not even know … [Read more...]

7 Guidelines for Writing a Nonfiction Book

If you are contemplating writing a book, sooner or later you are going to have to commit words to paper or screen. There are 53,524 books on writing skills listed on Amazon, which tells you this is a very popular subject. However, you can read all 53,524 books and still not get your book written if you don't apply your seat to the chair and your fingers to the keys. For many … [Read more...]

Why Write Nonfiction Instead of Fiction?


Question: Everyone says it is easier for an unpublished writer to break in with nonfiction vs. fiction? Is it only easier to break in with nonfiction if you have speaking engagements that will result in sales? I've always thought, "Who would buy my nonfiction? I'm a nobody without a degree, without a famous husband or friends and without an enthralling life." But everyone … [Read more...]

Creative Non-Fiction Plots


The term “plot” is usually associated with fiction, but a successful non-fiction book also has a plot. In fiction, the plot is the storyline from the beginning to the end, driving the character toward a goal. In non-fiction, the plot is the organization of information and how it builds to make an argument, to prove a point, and to come to convincing conclusions. Non-fiction … [Read more...]

Make your Nonfiction Content Actionable


There are many qualities that make a piece of nonfiction great. Style, voice, and organization all come together to form a solid work that flows well and educates the reader. However, to truly be powerful, the content of your nonfiction piece must also be actionable. Actionable content tells readers what they need to do to incorporate the information in your book into their … [Read more...]

Expanding Learning Through Nonfiction Writing


Writing nonfiction material provides an excellent vehicle for learning. Since one of the purposes of existing on this planet is to learn new information and to apply it appropriately, writing is a useful tool. Conveying new knowledge is not only helpful to our own well-being, but to those who share our struggle to find personal meaning through the process of problem-solving … [Read more...]

Writing a Non Fiction Book


To write a nonfiction book, it's crucial to set achievable goals and create workable plans to achieve them. Unless you're into experimentation or just want to meander along for the ride, you need a road map; you need to know where you're going. You must be clear about your objective, what you want to achieve. So, the first step is to clarify your goals. Understanding your … [Read more...]

Writing a Proposal for Your Non-Fiction Book


When I started writing Marines in the Garden of Eden, my goal was to have it published by a traditional publishing house and stocked in every major bookstore in the United States. I signed a publishing contract with Berkley Publishing Group, part of the Putnam/Penguin global publishing giant. Marines in the Garden of Eden appeared on bookshelves throughout the U.S. on June 6th, … [Read more...]

Attacking the Truth – The Art of Creative Nonfiction


I love writing creative nonfiction – that is, using the tools and techniques of fiction to discover truth. I love the creative nonfiction of writers like Tom Wolfe, Gay Talese, and Richard Selzer. I've had a few essays published in major venues and one book, a memoir, in the catalog of The University of Iowa Press, and I write a bit every day. One thing I think about as I … [Read more...]