Christian Writers’ Conferences Fall / Winter 2015


If your book is Christian themed or is in the Christian genre then attending a Christian Writers conference may be of interest to you. At a Christian Writing Conference you are likely to encounter authors with popular published work, or view up and coming authors recently finished work. Emily Akin, freelance writer says, “If you want your work published, you should attend … [Read more...]

Writers’ Conferences Put Authors on the Road to Success


There are several good reasons why writers should invest the time and effort required to attend writers’ conferences. Attending a writers’ conference only takes a few hours, or a couple days at the most, a small investment, and a little effort to register and arrange travel and lodging, but the payoff can be big. Attending a writers’ conference gives you a great chance to … [Read more...]

Convention Etiquette 101


Do you ever attend writers' conferences? They can be great places to meet agents, editors and other writers, and networking opportunities abound. To make the most of those opportunities, make sure you follow some basic rules of etiquette. In this article, Dan Janal outlines some behaviors to avoid at your next writers' conference. The people you meet at conventions are the … [Read more...]

Using Meetup to Find Local Writers to Help Promote Your Book


Your journey as a writer might be largely independent, but finding a network of other writers can encourage your creativity and, ultimately, help publish and sell your work. Thanks to the Internet and websites like, you can instantly be connected to a network of other local writers, which can positively impact your career. If you’re a new writer just starting out or … [Read more...]

LinkedIn Publicity: How Online Press Release Distribution Can Help You with Your LinkedIn Marketing Efforts


Online press release distribution has not lost its power to create buzz and brand awareness. In fact, in speaking with many business professionals who have used our distribution partner's press release services, we've been told: * Their press releases were picked up by 40+ online sites and media news stations. * Their press release placement brought additional credibility … [Read more...]

Seven Excellent Reasons to Enter Writing Contests


Contests for writers are everywhere – it’s almost impossible to avoid them. Not that you should. Entering writing contests can be extremely beneficial to both new and established writers. Writing contests offer a variety of prizes for winners such as publication, trips, gifts and goodies, or cash prizes. Some contests simply award you with a first, second, or third place or … [Read more...]

The Double-Edged Sword of Self-Promotion


Have you ever felt strange about marketing your services for fear of people thinking you weren't successful enough or good enough at what you do? I was reading a transcript of marketer Dan Kennedy's Coaching and Consulting Business Boot Camp this past week at the beach and I came across a section about the fine line between the need for marketing and not wanting to look like … [Read more...]

The Importance of Networking with Other Authors


In any business, networking is a good idea.  But since writing is generally a fairly solitary and insular craft, you might be wondering why you would want to bother networking with other writers.  After all, it could be a pretty dicey proposition.  You don’t want to start discussing the finer points of your latest work with a colleague only to have him release a story that is … [Read more...]

Your Name Tag Could Make ALL the Difference


What I've noticed from years and years of successful networking is that there are smart ways to wear your nametag and ways to avoid wearing it. This may seem like a small, inconsequential detail but really it can make ALL the difference in attracting more clients. The first thing is WHERE to put your nametag or sticker. Most people are right- handed and if you put your … [Read more...]

Networking Guide for Writers: Ways to Network Offline


When looking for good workers, employers place personal connections above talent on their priority list. The same holds true for writers. In addition to having superb writing skills, you should make personal connections with editors, agents and other writers. This article will provide you with tips on what you can do to network with professionals offline. Always carry … [Read more...]