Writing Mystery Murder Fiction – 5 Hard Truths About Being a Published Author


When my sisters and I received the news that our debut mystery novel, Liar, Liar was to be published, we popped the cork off the champagne we bought the day we wrote the first chapter. We called everyone we knew and some people we didn't. We fantasized about writing a blockbuster sequel on a tropical beach next to Janet Evanovich where hunky waiters serve fruity drinks with … [Read more...]

Writing a Traditional Mystery


So – you want to write a mystery? You don’t know too much about police procedures or regulations for private detectives or the law, but you enjoy settling in with a good mystery in which the bad guys are caught, and the good guys (and gals) win out in the end. Writing a mystery might be just your cup of tea. Or thimble of arsenic. You’re not alone; traditional mysteries, … [Read more...]