Mixing Fact and Fiction: A Romance/Memoir Not in Standard Form


Every writer learns to take that leap of faith and believe in her own creative expression, a way to tell a story that is true and compelling. A Portrait of Love and Honor is that sort of book…a marriage of fact and fiction; a memoir within the framework of a novel. I wanted to write a love story – two people who find in each other their dreams come true. Just as happens in real … [Read more...]

Will You Write My Life Story?


Here is an excerpt from a real email I received last week: "I don't know anything about the publishing business and I'm not a writer but I have a great story to tell! How do I go about speaking with professionals about writing my story for me and then getting it published?" We see this type of inquiry a lot and most people with a "story to tell" are surprised when they … [Read more...]

Your Life is a Story. Tell it in a Memoir


Whether you realize it or not, your life is a story, and it’s a story you should share, at least with those closest to you. If you decide to write a memoir, chances are it won’t be a best seller. You may or may not even choose to publish it. But I urge you to write it. If you’ve never written before, you will be amazed at what an almost mystical experience it can be for … [Read more...]

Why Should You Write Your Life Story?


Writing your life story is embarking on a journey through the past. It’s a unique journey, one no one else has ever taken. That’s because the road you’ll travel is built from your very own memories and experiences ~ your very personal reactions to all the situations and events you’ll be remembering. Your life will pass before your eyes. You’ll re-experience its pleasures and … [Read more...]

On Writing: The Elements of Fiction and Memoir


The elements involved in writing Fiction/Memoir are quite straightforward. They include brainstorming story ideas, writing a rough draft, exploring vivid description, developing characters, creating a setting, devising a plot and nurturing the themes. Each is explained below. Of course, knowing them is only the beginning. Learning how to successfully pull off the following … [Read more...]