Hallelujah Rejection!


My SASE was the only piece of mail in my post office box. I figured I already knew what it said, but I opened it anyway. "Thanks for letting me see this story, but it just isn’t right for me at this time. Please try me again with your next story.” On stationery from The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction. Signed with a big, blue “K" above the name Kristine Katherine … [Read more...]

Seven Excellent Reasons to Enter Writing Contests


Contests for writers are everywhere – it’s almost impossible to avoid them. Not that you should. Entering writing contests can be extremely beneficial to both new and established writers. Writing contests offer a variety of prizes for winners such as publication, trips, gifts and goodies, or cash prizes. Some contests simply award you with a first, second, or third place or … [Read more...]

How to Break Into Freelance Writing


In the few years I’ve been freelancing, I’ve sold a several hundred articles to more than thirty magazines, newspapers and websites. I get asked on a regular basis on how to break into freelance, so here are a few tips. One of the most basic and important things is to be able to write, and this includes a strong understanding of grammar. I think a lot of would-be freelance … [Read more...]

How Magazines Pay for Your Work


This is one of the most important aspects of writing for magazine and journals because it will have a bearing on which publication you write for and when. There are 3 main ways that magazines pay for articles. They are: By word, by page or by assignment. I’ve worked for clients who use all of these methods. If you write for a magazine that pays by the page (say … [Read more...]

How To Find Paying Magazines With Keyword Research


In this tutorial you’ll learn how to find those great writing jobs using keyword research. If you're not familiar with the ways that you can search online, here are some simple, yet important things to consider. There are 3 main keyword searching options to find great writing jobs online. These are: Broad Match, Phrase Match and Exact Match. When you type keyword … [Read more...]

5 Strategies For Success As A Freelance Writer


Freelance writing is one of the better self-employed occupations you can have, partly because you now have the ability to chart your own course for success, instead of having someone else (as in a job) do it for you. With that freedom also comes responsibility, especially for managing your time and space. What you do and how you do it become critically important. Here are … [Read more...]

The Value of the Editor

Close-up of pencil on blue background.

The editor is an important member of any publication. Among other things, the editor acts as a gatekeeper, in addition to editing your articles. Some writers hate editors because they are afraid that if the editor changes their copy, he/she will destroy the integrity of their work. The reality is a different story. The editor is your best friend. He/she can teach you things … [Read more...]

4 Fast Methods of Finding Freelance Writing Work


In this article, we're going to look at 4 fast methods of  ways of starting your career as a freelance writer. These are: Write for Free, Write Book Reviews, Write Profiles and Look for Editing Jobs. Writing for free is a great way of getting started and is a method I’ve used many times in the past. It might even lead to a job with that publication. Once you get a … [Read more...]

Are You Committed to Writing?


If you are committed to being a freelance writer, you will need to have a marketing plan in place. You will also have a commitment to learning the craft of writing on various subjects; how to calculate the keyword density for the articles you write that require SEO keywords as part of the requirement given you by the client. You must also commit to writing something every day. … [Read more...]

Are You a Writer or an Author?


I encourage authors to become writers. Here is the distinction: An author is someone with authority. That is, you are an author if you have something you wish to convey to readers, whether it is a story you have invented, an experience you feel is instructive, an opinion you want to express, or knowledge you want to preserve. You are the subject-matter expert. A … [Read more...]