Writing Persuasively


According to many writing professionals, persuasion is the effort to change someone's moods, beliefs, or behaviors. Hence, the goal of this message is to help you pinpoint the needs of your audience members, and to honestly empower them to make insightful, informed decisions related to your message. You should know that the process of informally influencing your audience is … [Read more...]

Do You Grab Your Audience’s Attention?


At Michael Penland’s last event, I watched Glenn Turner hold an audience spellbound. You could see people leaning forward, hanging on his every word. While he was a good speaker and had good content, he didn’t excel over the rest of the speakers in those areas. A few of the other speakers had better more instantly usuable content in my opinion. Some of the best Internet … [Read more...]

Five Secrets Copywriting Pros Use to Create Headlines


The first thing a producer sees is your headline. If you don't capture their interest in your first line, most producers won't read any further; you've lost your chance to pitch your idea. Headlines make you care. Write them in a conversational tone and design them to reach the specific audience that has a need or a desire for what you're promoting. Notice I say "desire" … [Read more...]

25 Ways to Increase Conversion


1. Study copywriting. Become a student of copywriting and persuasion. It’s a part of everything you do in your online business from writing PPC ads to writing sales letters. 2. Offer basic and deluxe options to your offers. While this may or may not increase your conversion, it will increase your income per visitor. Some will choose the basic. The ones who choose the deluxe … [Read more...]

How to Get a Copywriting Education for Under $100


Are you ready to get an education in making money on and off the Internet…one that will last you for the rest of your life? What if it costs less than $100? I love information products. I have hundreds of CDs, DVDs, eBooks, and manuals. I’ve attended dozens of seminars. My education has cost me at least $100,000 over the years. My absolute favorite information product … [Read more...]

Sing Your Own Praises


If you’re in marketing or advertising, this rule has undoubtedly already been tattooed onto your brain. For everyone else: you need to give people credible and compelling reasons to buy what you’re selling. And that means you have to think in  terms of what’s in it for them. WHAT IT MEANS: Every ad, brochure, e-mail, or direct mail is an opportunity to win customers and … [Read more...]

“What’s In It for Me?” The Importance of the Offer


“That ad is driving me nuts,” I remarked at dinner the other night. My husband was out of town so it was just my kids and me. The new phone book had arrived earlier in the day, and someone (probably me) had left it face down on the dining room table. “Why?” asked my son Isaac with a grin. He knew what was coming. At 14 ½, he’s deep into the let’s-dissect-reality stage. … [Read more...]

Back Cover Copy and Book Publicity: The Neglected Detail


Nothing detracts more from a book’s appeal than a bad back cover. Whether your reader is a potential buyer, media professional or someone who wants to hire you for your expertise, your book’s back cover has to communicate to your target audience: buy me! Authors often spend months or even years writing their book, yet give little time to what is on the back cover. … [Read more...]

Sales Success from Kindergarten – What Little Kids Can Teach You About Writing Effective Promotions


The doorbell rang. On the porch were two little waifs, not much more than three feet tall. “Do you want to give us some money?”  the smaller of them peeped. Uh, no. “What for?” I asked. “For our class,” said the other one, a pink-cheeked boy in a red checked scarf. Isn’t that why I pay property taxes? “So your class is raising money for something?” I … [Read more...]

7 Editorial Tips to Writing Better Copy


As an editor by trade and a writer by passion, I know how hard it can be to get your thoughts on paper. Your inner editor constantly detours your writing flow by criticizing your grammar, word choice, and punctuation. You can stop your inner editor by putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) and letting the words flow?even if you consciously know you should be more … [Read more...]