How to Use Content Marketing To Presell Your Next Book


As a self-published author, if you want your book to get noticed by anyone outside of your immediate family and circle of friends you’ll have to approach marketing in an effective way. But there’s very good news! Just as self-publishing makes it possible for any writer to transform their ideas into a marketable book, content marketing makes it possible for anyone who can … [Read more...]

Publish a Book and Build Your Expert Reputation


If you want to increase your reputation with your target audience so you can earn more from consulting fees or gain more referrals, you might want to consider writing a book. Doing so helps you build credibility with your target audience and is also a great 'stepping stone' to greater and greater expert status. You can leverage the number of books you published into media … [Read more...]

Quantity is Not Quality


Can the B.S.! You may be tempted to think that a forty-page report is twice as good as a twenty-page report, but that’s simply not true. Quality and quantity are two different things—and guess which one is king? WHAT IT MEANS: Shakespeare got it exactly right: “Brevity is the soul of wit.” Too many words can actually obscure what you’re trying to say. Maybe in school you had … [Read more...]

Packaging Information for Maximum Profit


The packaging of your information product has a huge effect on perceived value, notes self-publishing guru Dan Poynter. For a book, binder format has the highest perceived value. But binder products are more expensive to produce, more difficult to store, and harder to ship. Publishing your book as a traditional “bookstore book” has more prestige – people revere book … [Read more...]

50 Ways to Transform Content into Information Products


Any content you have created can be reworked and turned into multiple information products. Here is an idea list from Stephanie Chandler to get you started. Books Mini-books (they don’t all have to read like novels!) Booklets Ebooks Special reports White papers Workbooks Worksheets Templates Resource lists Database of … [Read more...]

How to Monetize “Free”


These days, everyone talks about free content. "Give it away!" they say, but does this really work? Well, yes and no. As with anything, there has to be a strategy. Last Saturday I was on my morning run through our neighborhood and I noticed a number of garage sale signs (that's tag sale for those of you back east). One of the signs had a sign beneath it that read: We have … [Read more...]

How to Promote a Self-Published eBook


One of the most-asked questions I get from writers who have never written and published an eBook before is, "How would you promote a self-published eBook?  Where would you go to even begin selling a product that hasn't the backup from a traditional or otherwise publisher?" Well, that's two, but many writers balk at attempting to play publisher.  If they only knew it's not as … [Read more...]

On the Internet Means You Are On the Air


As an engineer who has built large applications and databases, I sometimes laugh at the naïveté of authors on the world ‘wild’ web. It’s not a safe place out there. Every site or ‘street’ you turn down has the ability to haunt you for life. When an author travels on the web, before and after being published, they should realize that everything they’ve posted can and will … [Read more...]

Multiply Your Speaking and Consulting Income With Content


One of the best ways to multiply your earnings from speaking engagements is to fill the table in the back of the room with books, workbooks, manuals, DVDs, CDs, and other information products. Because after exciting the audience with your speech, many people will want more (and be willing to pay hundreds of dollars for it). So how can you create a catalog of information … [Read more...]

7 Profitable Things You Get to Do When You Write Your Book


Are you tired of waiting for your bottom line to change? Don't wait any longer; take your profit line into your own hands. Join the list of authors who finally wrote their book and profited from doing so? Would you like to receive a growing monthly income from a book you wrote? Where would you go on vacation with the additional income stream your book created for … [Read more...]