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Reading to Children

As a teenage babysitter, I loved reading to the kids I watched. They would bring out a huge stack of books, and when I finished reading one they would beg me to read, “just one more.” We often spent the evening with the television off, reading story after story. My mother read to me a…

Writing The Perfect Children’s Book

Writing children’s books might seem very easy, but it actually could turn out to be one of the hardest forms of writing. Some people have a natural flair to think of and write stories, novels and educative books, which will suit and entertain children. But for some people it could take a lot of effort….

Children’s Book Publishing Tips Your Agent May Not Tell You

Being an aspiring writer is one thing, but what if you’re trying to break into the children’s book industry? Where are you supposed to get the inside scoop on what it really takes to publish a successful children’s book – aside from all the smoke and mirrors? Don’t Fall for a Scam Unfortunately, since the…

5 Rules for Writing a Successful Children’s Book

Many people think writing a children’s book is easy when that’s actually far from the truth. Even more people write their own delightful children’s story and submit it to publishers, only to be met with rejection after rejection. What gives? The truth is that while it may appear simple to write a children’s book, there…

4 Tips to Promote a Children’s Book

If you’ve written a children’s book, you might already know that promoting and securing media attention for this genre can be tough. The competition is high making it difficult to stand out from your peers and their projects. However, just because the children’s genre is difficult to tap into, doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Every story…

How to Write a Children’s Book Based on Your Personal Struggles

Suppose you’ve just gone through a divorce and lost custody of your kids. Or a loved one has recently died of cancer. Or you struggled in school as a child because you have dyslexia. Many writers turn difficult periods in their lives into books for children, hoping to help young readers through similar painful experiences….

Authors of Children’s Books Will Love New iPhone App

As a book publicist I am always on the lookout for new tools and technology to reach consumers and convince them to purchase my client’s books. During the past decade, the most important tool has been the Internet, especially email, online search (like Google and Yahoo), and social media, such as Facebook and Twitter. During…

Tips for Writing Children’s Books: How to Incorporate “The Slow Reveal”

In life most people become more complex as we get to know them. This should also be true for characters in children’s books. At a conference I recently attended, Lyron Bennett, editor for Sourcebooks Jabberwocky, called it “the slow reveal”. It means investing your characters with enough varied qualities that some can be withheld until called for in the plot.

Getting it Right for Kid’s Books

Second to a bad review—and I was smarting from several of those—nothing scares a newly published author more than being told she’s gotten her facts wrong.

What If You Have Stage Fright?

If you are nervous about speaking in public, you are not alone – lots of people HATE to stand up and speak in front of a group of people, especially strangers. In some surveys, people have indicated that they would rather get cancer than speak in public! If you are worried about public speaking, start…