How Long Should Your eBook Be?


I get this question often as a book coach, so I decided to let your know my 2 cents. There’s no hard and fast rule on what length an ebook should be, but from my 12 years as a book coach online, I know these ideas will help you decide. Decide Which Number is Best for your eBook’s Purpose! #1. A 10-20 page eBook is a good length if your purpose is to use it as a bonus … [Read more...]

Imagine the Millions


Imagine an order for three million copies of a book or a tips booklet you wrote. Having trouble with that image? It might be that you're focusing on selling single copies, one at a time. It could be that you think there is some unattainable magic that happens somewhere in between the number one and the number million. Maybe you believe you don't know what the mechanics are for … [Read more...]

The True Purpose of a Tips Booklet – from Fiction, Too


"My topic doesn't fit into a how-to tips format." That comment shows up periodically, and did again this week. Even when a person has written a novel, there are ways to create a tips booklet that can help market that novel plus become its own new source of revenue. THOSE are the purposes of a booklet. A booklet is a way for the reader to test out the information of the … [Read more...]

Booklet Tips on Hot Topics to Write About

Food, kids, pets, money, health, and sex. Yes, these are each topics with large audiences and interest, at least in North America and some other countries of the world. You may have personal or professional expertise in one or more of these topics. Seems like any of those would be a great place to start writing a booklet, wouldn't it? … [Read more...]

Booklets – Write and Publish Booklets for Big Profits

What's your excuse for not being published? "I don't know enough to fill a book." "I don't have time to write a whole book." "It's too hard to get an agent or publisher, and I don't want to self publish." None of those excuses apply to booklets. Publishing a booklet is a good way to create an information product which will give you both credibility as an author and almost … [Read more...]