Authors – Have You Tried This Little Known Online Marketing Book Strategy?


If you already have self published books, chances are you’re looking for effective online marketing book strategies to help sell your book. You’ve spent hours brainstorming, writing, editing and publishing your book. Now what? Now it’s time to let people know that your book exists. Even if you have a great book, it doesn’t matter if no one knows about it. So, how can you … [Read more...]

Top Book Fairs and Book Festivals Authors Should Attend


Book fairs are wonderful places to interact with fellow authors and publishers, network with book industry leaders, locate the help you need such as a publicist or book editor, and learn what’s new in the marketplace. Includes a list of book fairs and events that are worthy of your attendance. Authors who want to sell books need to do what anyone else with a product needs to … [Read more...]

Virtual Book Tour Tips


Remember the days when a newly published author would need to travel to different venues for a book signing only to be met with a limited amount of actual fans and almost no revenue to show for it? Those days are over! Once again, the internet has provided a way for authors to gain exposure without all of the unneeded expense. People are calling this the “Virtual Book … [Read more...]

Event Publicity Campaigns


I can’t overstate the importance of customizing your communications (including news releases)—whether you’re approaching a blog, a small community newspaper, or the Today show. So long as these media professionals feel like their wishes and needs are being met, you can and will generate publicity. There’s a good chance, too, that you will be able to book multiple events in the … [Read more...]

How to Plan a Virtual Party


Planning a Virtual Book Launch, a Virtual Book Birthday or a Virtual Book Tour are great compliments to a book marketing campaign. They are free, effective, and can stick around in the blogsphere forever to immortalize your book and marketing efforts. Anyone can throw a Virtual Party for any reason and the set up is fun and free. CREATE A PARTY WEBSITE Do this at least … [Read more...]

Summertime Book Fairs and Book Festivals Authors Should Attend


Summertime is the perfect time of year for book fairs and festivals. It’s a great way for authors to combine a little vacation in with a little book marketing and book promotion. Book fairs are wonderful places to interact with fellow authors, publishers, network with book industry leaders, locate a book publicist or book editor, and learn what’s new in the marketplace. The … [Read more...]

Book Marketing and Book Promotion Using Book Signings


As a book publicist I have a strong opinion about book tours. Authors tend to think they are a great idea because they see celebrities and politicians like Larry King, Spike Lee, Rachael Ray, Hillary Clinton and other big names out on the circuit and think that’s the way to promote a book. Frankly it’s just ONE way to promote a book and is an element in the overall … [Read more...]

Make Your Book Signing a Success


1.    Before The Event: Sell sheet or flyer - This features you and your book, and information on how-to buy the book now. Your media kit A copy of your book A short blurb - For their newsletter or announcement around your appearance A press release around your appearance - You should have a standard one that you can change out the specifics of your appearance, … [Read more...]

Get Author Appearances and Book Signings Now


Call Or Drop By: 1.    Your Local Library - Most libraries enjoy featuring local writers for readings or signings. Entice them with a contribution back to the library for any book sales you do as part of your appearance. 2.    Your Local Bookstore - Many local bookstores have regularly scheduled author readings. Tell them that you (or your publicist) are organizing a book … [Read more...]

How I Fell in Love with the Book Marketing Potential of a Virtual Book Tour


Before my book MRS. LIEUTENANT: A SHARON GOLD NOVEL came out in April (2008) I had come across the idea of a virtual book tour – where during a specific period of time an author’s book is featured on various blogs.  Sounded terrific, except the price was way out of my budget. Then when my book went live on Amazon, my print-on-demand publisher BookSurge gave me an hour’s free … [Read more...]