Sell More Books at the Back of the Room

Photo of Author Ellen Jaffe Jones by Ejmamawama (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

As an author, you may have many opportunities to speak to groups, present at conferences and instruct classes. Making your book available for purchase at these events can build your fan base and put cash in your pocket. Even giving a free talk to a small group can be profitable. I have given many talks at morning meetings where I walked out the door with hundreds of dollars … [Read more...]

5 Tips for a Successful Book Signing


You’ve finally made it into the upper echelon of the writing world: you’ve gotten your first book published and now it’s time to undertake a promotional tour that includes interviews, readings, and of course, book signings.  Although you may not be very well known yet, and therefor worried about people showing up, you can definitely take steps to hedge your bets and ensure that … [Read more...]

Ten Tips for Shy Authors


Many authors are shy and introverted. They want to write their books, but they don’t want to market them. However, no one will read the books if marketing efforts aren’t made, and even a shy author is still the best salesperson for his or her book. Meeting one’s public is not as difficult or frightening as many authors may fear. Meeting potential readers and trying to sell … [Read more...]

12 Secrets to Selling More Books at Events


So you got a book event, great! Now you want to maximize it, right? You've heard your writing buddies (or perhaps read online) about the lack of attendance at signings so figuring out how to maximize the event, regardless of the numbers might be tricky. While I spend a lot of time addressing online marketing, the offline component is one you shouldn't overlook and if book … [Read more...]

No Book Signing Is a Failure


People seem to like numbers for a variety of reasons. Even those who aren't into math (of which there are many) like to gauge success or failure in terms of numbers. When it comes to book signing events, there's even a number for that too which is the magic number 8. If you sell 8 books, you can consider it a success. Here is my take on the whole math equaling success or … [Read more...]

Book Signing Tips: Read This If You’re Not Sarah Palin


The book signing, like so many other elements of the publishing industry, is evolving into something new, different, and better. Gone are the days when authors can sit at a bookstore table and sign book after book. That still works for Sarah Palin, but not the rest of us. So what does work? How do you make sure your book signing isn’t a waste of time for you and the store? … [Read more...]

Virtual Book Signings


Not every author can schedule book signings into their promotional plan, but thanks to technology, there are easy and convenient alternatives to this traditional event. It can be as simple as an author signing her name on a plain label and mailing it to the reader, or as complex as organizing an online chat with a bookseller standing by to take book orders. If you look around … [Read more...]

Get Your Book Into the Chain Stores


With chain stores: it’s the author, not the book. One way to get into the chains is through the backdoor. Go to a local chain store and offer a mini seminar on your subject. We used to call these “autographings.” Then you must turn out the crowd. Remember, the store is only providing the venue. They want you to bring in new customers. Send an announcement to everyone in … [Read more...]

Book Events That Really Sell


You’ve arranged a book signing, or reserved an expo table. You’re counting the days to the big event, dreaming every night of mile-long customer lines and overflowing cash boxes. Unfortunately, that scenario really is “in your dreams” for most writers. If you aren’t sufficiently popular to draw interest on pure name recognition, you may be lucky to get ten visitors and one … [Read more...]

Three Faces of the ALA Conference


I visited the American Library Conference (ALA) in Washington, DC as an author, with my publisher and as a guest. I wanted to give my perspective from all sides regarding how great of experience this is for an author and a small publisher. This conference had hundreds of vendors, publishers and librarians in attendance and it was extremely fun. SMALL PUBLISHER … [Read more...]