From Author to Book Reviewer

Book reviews are essential for getting books noticed, and people who love books often decide to write book reviews, either as professionals or just by posting their opinions online. Getting started as a book reviewer is not difficult, although a few guidelines should be followed. So you want to be a book reviewer. You love to read books and you think you can make some extra … [Read more...]

The Elements of a Good Book Review

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If you are a writer then you know that a good book review is one important part of the process of marketing your book successfully. While we encounter book reviews frequently, whether in a blog or in The New York Times, we often take for granted just how much that piece of content can impact our decision to read a book. Believe it or not, there is a method to writing an … [Read more...]

Review: Write a Book without Lifting a Finger

Do you think that those celebrities write their own autobiographies that everyone is dying to read? Maybe you didn’t even know that they liked to write. The truth is that they probably don’t. Many actors, athletes, politicians, business leaders and others use ghostwriters to write their books. if you have something to say but not the words to use, learn about hiring … [Read more...]

How to Get Your Book Reviewed On Amazon


Book reviews sell books. Although we all like to see glowing reviews, surprisingly even some bad reviews can sell books. However, getting reviews can be challenging when you are a new, unknown author. Here are some tips on what you should (and should NOT) do to get your book reviewed on Amazon and elsewhere. Go for pre-publication reviews. Don’t wait for the book to be “on … [Read more...]

How to Get Book Reviews


You need to get book reviews. Reviews drive sales. The more people who can see your book was read and enjoyed the more likely you are to get some sales and some money into your pocket. People typically need to see something at least 6 times before they make a decision about buying something. So you need to get your book in front of people at least 6 times; reviews are a good … [Read more...]

Dealing with Negative Reviews on Amazon


“This book is the worst book in the world. I read half way through the book and gave up because it made no sence” [sic] —Actual One-Star Review from Every author has it happen sooner or later: the dreaded one-star review. Any review less than glowing is likely to sting a bit, so a review of fewer than four or five stars may cause you to want to take some … [Read more...]

How to Send Kindle Ebook Review Copies

Reviews can help sell more copies of your books, including Kindle ebooks. However, many authors are unsure about how to send review copies of Kindle ebooks to potential reviewers. It turns out that Amazon provides a simple way to send copies of your ebook to anyone. The above video explains it in more detail. To send a review copy, get the email address of the reviewer's … [Read more...]

Avoid Bad Book Reviewers


Many book reviewers are out there. Many good book reviewers are out there. But so are some less than honest reviewers who will produce reviews for books they haven’t even read. No matter how popular a book reviewer may be, if that reviewer isn’t reading the books he reviews, he is doing authors a disservice. Good authors deserve legitimate book reviews. Authors need book … [Read more...]

Finding Qualified Book Reviewers


Book reviews are essential recommendations to get readers to buy your books. But not all reviewers do a professional job when reviewing; some don’t even read the books they supposedly review. Here are some guidelines to help authors determine which reviewers are legitimate and a good choice for reviewing their books. Back in the twentieth century, book reviews were in print … [Read more...]

Author Tips: How to Get Your Book Reviewed


Are you wondering how your recently published book can receive more reviews? You may have heard that dedicated book blogs are excellent sources for exposure. Studies have shown that the online word-of-mouth (WOM) that comes from a recommendation can be more effective than even social networking. Self-published author Amanda Hocking was very recently in the news for … [Read more...]