Press Releases and the Search Engines

Google is cracking down on press releases – and that’s a good thing! Google wants to present information that people are searching for. That’s their mission. They want to do everything they can to prevent people from manipulating their results. That’s good news for people who are actively searching for your products and services. Google’s mantra is “If you can … [Read more...]

Is the Press Release Dead?

Does Santa Claus exist? Is the press release dead? These questions come up every year. While the existence of Santa Claus has been widely proven to be true, I’ll weigh in on the other question as one of my coaching clients asked me that question just the other day. My answer is simple. If you think a press release will get you quoted on the front page of the New … [Read more...]

#PR Predictions for 2015 from #Publicity Expert Dan Janal @prlead


Note from Cathy: Dan Janal offers some interesting predictions about PR and publicity in the coming year. I agree with Dan's predictions, and I believe that #2 is absolutely critical. It is no longer just about the media promoting us; we need to promote them, too. And despite what some say, press releases are not dead. As Dan notes, some of the techniques are changing, but … [Read more...]

Book Publicity Idea: Link Your Book to Holidays and Special Events


One creative way to get publicity for your book is to tie it to a holiday or special event. You’ll be able to reach out to the media who often need a ‘reason’ to showcase your book right now. Furthermore you may be able to reach your audience on a more personal level by promoting your book alongside a national holiday, theme month, or cause. There are thousands of holidays that … [Read more...]

What Can Authors Learn From The ALS “Ice Bucket Challenge”


The “ALS Ice Bucket Challenge” today’s social media explosion, has caused a dramatic change in awareness among many. Whether on Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube, the “icing” videos took over everyone’s newsfeeds. The challenge involves filming a video of yourself while getting drenched by a bucket of ice water, share it on social media, and challenge others to do the same or to … [Read more...]

How Can You Write the Perfect Pitch Letter?


A relatively new staffer at a PR agency asked me recently to consult with her and review the pitch letter she wrote. Here’s what I told her. Reporters and TV producers tell me they don’t have time to read long pitch letters. They are swamped! One producer said she gets more than 1,000 pitches a day! That’s right. Each day! So what can you do to stand out from the … [Read more...]

“GUARANTEE”: The Most Controversial Word in Book Marketing


Authors unfamiliar with book marketing are often surprised when a publicist tells them that nothing is guaranteed when it comes media coverage and book sales. I understand why they’re surprised and disappointed. An author is going to pay for services but be promised nothing in terms of results? If I wasn’t in the industry, I’d probably be confused and surprised too. … [Read more...]

What to Do When Someone Interviews You


You've just stepped out of the shower. Your robe is in the bedroom; the phone rings in the livingroom. You wrap a towel around yourself and run to grab it -- and a voice on the other end of the line asks if this would be a good time for an interview! What do you do? Be Prepared As a writer, you're probably accustomed to interviewing others. However, if you've published a … [Read more...]

How To Have the Perfect Publicity Driven Business


Here's my vision of a perfect, publicity-driven business or practice: You write a press release which gets published in the newspaper. Your contact information is in the article, so people call you (this is the first exposure people have to you via publicity). When people call you or your office, you intentionally put them on hold for about a minute. While they're on hold … [Read more...]

Why Press Releases Are Trashed By Reporters

why press releases are trashed by reporters

Press releases get trashed when they are too self-serving. Far too many people think the purpose of doing media interviews is to get attention for themselves or make sales of their products. DEAD WRONG!That's why they don't get publicity. A press release has one purpose and one purpose ONLY. That purpose get the reporter to call you for more … [Read more...]