Setting a Price for Your Book


One of the most important questions you'll need to answer is "How much should I charge for my book?" This is not a decision to make lightly -- or greedily. Determining the best price for a book depends on a variety of factors, including the following: 1) The price of similar books. Check the market for comparable books, including books on similar topics and of a similar trim … [Read more...]

Choosing the Most Profitable Book Price


The article Pricing for Profit described a pricing technique utilizing probability theory to estimate sales at different price levels. Since some publishers prefer a less intuitive technique, here is a different way to price your books that is based more on marketing strategy. This technique also contends that traditional pricing – that is, by multiplying the unit printing … [Read more...]

Pricing for Profit


Price is the element of a marketing mix with the greatest impact on revenue; the others (distribution, product development and promotion) produce revenue indirectly. Yet, this importance notwithstanding, some publishers establish the prices for their books by following the rule of thumb that says the price should be 8 times printing cost. Others price their titles the same as … [Read more...]

How to Price a Book


Book pricing depends more upon genre or category than on production costs. Here is a formula for determining how to price your book: You must look at price from the bottom up and from the top down. Bottom up: The Traditional Method (8x) Bottom up: You must price your book at least eight times (8x) the printing and trucking-in costs. This is your delivered production cost. … [Read more...]

How to Price Your Book


Finding an appropriate price for your book can be a delicate balancing act—you need to set it high enough to make a profit, yet not too high to dissuade readers from buying. With a little research and an understanding of what customers perceive as being of value, authors can find a price that will work for them and their readers. The other day I was talking to an author who … [Read more...]

The Seven Deadly Sins of Book Promotion


Competitive doesn’t begin to describe today’s book market. The booming print-on- demand and self-publishing industries, coupled with mainstream publishers, has flooded the market with thousands of new releases each month. “The LA Times receives 600 to 700 books for review each week,” reports Steve Wasserman, book review editor. With an infinite number of books and authors vying … [Read more...]