3 Steps to Identifying Your Key Customer

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When I coach my clients, and I ask them who their ideal client is, they usually say, “Everyone.” That’s because they honestly believe that their message can help everyone. And it probably can. The trouble is, the market doesn’t like solutions that appeal to the masses. They want their own customized solution, or at least someone who is an expert in their … [Read more...]

What to Do When Someone Interviews You


You've just stepped out of the shower. Your robe is in the bedroom; the phone rings in the livingroom. You wrap a towel around yourself and run to grab it -- and a voice on the other end of the line asks if this would be a good time for an interview! What do you do? Be Prepared As a writer, you're probably accustomed to interviewing others. However, if you've published a … [Read more...]

Unexpected Marketing Results


Over the years I have done a lot of marketing. Some things got better results than I expected, others…not so much. But many things delivered different results than I expected. This is one of the magical things about marketing. Let’s talk about how this might apply to selling your books. Say that you have set up a book signing event at a local coffee shop. You make posters … [Read more...]

Creative Branding Techniques for Introverted Authors


Introverts are people who live on the quiet side of life, who would rather sit at home and draw or read than go to a party. They’re not the ones who readily schmooze a meeting, shaking hands and nudging shoulders with everyone or squeeze their way into a huddle of strangers at a business conference. Instead, introverts thrive by making the most of their talents, such as … [Read more...]

What is a Trade Journal?


Question: Why should I read trade journals? Where does a writer find trade journals with publishing news? Answer: You may be wondering, "What in the world is a trade journal?" To newcomers, publishing is almost like a secret society where there are code words and unwritten expectations about what to submit to magazines and how to submit your material to publishers. … [Read more...]

Marketing Is Like a Treadmill: It Never Stops

A coaching prospect told me last week that his goal was to make money in his PJs. All he had to do, he said, was create a product, post it on a website and put up a few tweets and start networking on Facebook and then sit back and relax. Oh boy. I’ve heard that story before. I had to lay out the cold, hard truth. No product sells itself. If you want to sell … [Read more...]

Passivity vs. Proactivity


What's the big secret of getting things done, of making things happen, of turning your dreams into realities? Right now we have a participant in the Marketing Mastery Program who is, as they say, "kicking butt and taking names." She's fine-tuning her marketing and selling activities, setting up appointments with qualified prospects and turning many of them into new … [Read more...]

Why Most Books Fail


Why isn’t your book successful? My good friend Joan Stewart spoke on a publishing seminar on a cruise ship recently hosted by my other good friend Judith Briles. Joan reported several reasons why books don’t sell: 1. No platform. 2. Giving up too soon. Let’s look at these. If you call one more reporter, respond to one more PR LEAD or send out one more … [Read more...]

Get Bloggers to Promote Your Book


Note from Cathy: We do author interviews here at SellingBooks.com. Click here to learn more. Book Bloggers, I.E. people who blog about books, like to interview authors for their blogs. Some bloggers have tens of thousands of followers and can totally change an author’s life by exposing you and your book to their audience. Finding a blogger who interviews authors in your … [Read more...]

Write Your Book for One Audience, But for MANY Markets


You want to write a book – a very exciting and challenging undertaking. Good for you. You have a great book idea – an idea that you believe needs to be in print. You believe that other people have an interest in what you have to say. You believe that many people will buy your book, and if you do the job of writing correctly, many people WILL buy your book. It is your dream … [Read more...]