An Easy Way to Multiply Your Book Sales


I recently received this question from an author: I have three books published in the Amazon Kindle store. Sales have been okay, but they have slowed in recent months. What can I do to make more sales? There are several things that can increase book sales, but I am just going to look at a couple of things you may not have considered. … [Read more...]

5 Overlooked Marketing Channels to Promote Your Books


Book promotion and marketing are just as important as writing the book itself. As authors we love to believe our words can stand on their own two feet. However, there’s so much noise out there today, especially in the online space, if you want your book to be a success you need to be smart with your marketing. If you’re a savvy author then you probably already have an … [Read more...]

Ex-Playboy Bunny’s Book Tops Best Seller List Through Social Media

In today’s world, social media is a dominating force that can make or break your career in almost every aspect. In this case, social media can help promote your work to a large and varied audience. To prove this theory, take a look at the rapid growth of popularity of Holly Madison’s book , which is at the top of the New York Times Best Seller List. Holly Madison, the … [Read more...]

Your Book Promotion Cheat Sheet


As a self-published author, you would have to spearhead the promotion of your book. You would have to come up with effective strategies that will help your book reach your target market. If you’ve already started promoting your book, yet you still have zero results, evaluate the strategies that you have used. Although the results don’t come in automatically, you’d know that … [Read more...]

Top Book Fairs & Festivals for Fall 2015


Book festivals and fairs are a great way for authors to meet book buyers and reviewers, interact with fellow authors and publishers, meet your readers and find new ones too. As an author you can network with book industry leaders, locate the help you need, such as a publicist or book editor, and learn what’s new in the marketplace. Book fairs usually want speakers. By … [Read more...]

What Authors Can Learn From Motown Hits


Who doesn’t love the music of Motown? Smokey Robinson, Aretha Franklin, Marvin Gaye, Gladys Knight, The Temptations, Lionel Richie and The Four Tops – their classic songs have entertained people from all walks of life for over 50 years. I recently noticed that the titles of some of the biggest Motown hits also suggest some important themes that can help guide authors to … [Read more...]

Authors: Want to Skip The Bookstores and Recruit A Sales Force Of 65,000?


Over the years many authors have complained about the time, energy, harassment, and money required to get bookstores to stock their book. They bemoaned the fact that there was not a better way and dealing with bookstores seemed like a necessary evil to be endured, and endured and endured again. Well, now there is a better way and authors who don’t want to invest themselves … [Read more...]

Marketing vs Sales

One of the most misused words in the publishing business is marketing. Some people think selling is marketing, but it is not. Others think publishing is marketing, but it is not. Marketing is a distinct business philosophy that, if understood and applied properly, will help your business become more profitable. There are four competing concepts under which publishing … [Read more...]

Jewish Book Fairs & Festivals Authors Can Attend in 2015


If you are a Jewish author or specialize in writing about Jewish issues, you should consider visiting book fairs in the Jewish community. Book fairs are excellent places for authors to interact with the public as well as network with book industry leaders, publicists and book editors. Book festivals and fairs are held year round all over the United States. As a book … [Read more...]

Baseball and Book Marketing


Many entrepreneurs beat themselves up looking to hit a grand slam home run. I’ve helped many entrepreneurs create their business strategies and overcome personal roadblocks that hold them back. In my keynote speeches at conferences and in my coaching sessions, I give entrepreneurs and small business owners a new, empowering way to look at their businesses and redefine what … [Read more...]