Blurbs that Bore, Blurbs that Blare

There seem to be a lot of misunderstandings about the back cover copy—the “blurbs” that so many writers have to put on the back of their books. In Ye Olden Tymes, some person who was paid to do stuff like that—meaning, a fellow who probably looked like a dumpier version of a Mad Men character—would take care of the blurb as part of the deal a writer got when they were … [Read more...]

Use Celebrity Blurbs to Build Your Book Sales


Testimonials (sometimes called “blurbs”) are statements by people attesting to the quality of writing and the value of the content in your book. They offer objective support of the prospect’s buying decisions, that his or her money will be well spent. If you can get celebrities to endorse your book, the positive impact on the prospective buyers will be greater, and consumers … [Read more...]

How to Get Blurbs for Your Book


Endorsements, also known as blurbs, are the 1–3 sentence quotes you see on the book cover. For an unknown author, such endorsements are essential for compelling readers to take a chance on someone they’ve never read before. Just like many other elements of book publishing and promotion, the task of securing endorsements is falling to the author more and more, but unlike most … [Read more...]

Create Powerful and Compelling Back Cover Copy That Sells Books!


Note: The following guidelines are for non-fiction. Fiction, where you simply need to entrance someone with a good story line, would be different. Think about how you buy a book. You pick it up, look at the cover, and if you like the visuals, title, and subtitle, it’s because something resonates in you; something about what you see calls to some desire or longing inside … [Read more...]

Fear Not the Short Book Description


For a lot of authors the five most terrifying words they will ever hear is “What is your book about?” It’s not because they don’t know what their book is about. It’s because their book is about so much they don’t want to leave anything out. The answer usually starts with a giggle and “Oh my gosh…” thrown in here and there.  It’s uncomfortable for both the speaker and the … [Read more...]

7 Keys to Getting Book Blurbs


"But I don't know anyone important or influential," protested a client recently when I suggested he get some high-powered quotes for his to-be-published book. You don't need to be a familiar name or face to someone to request comments on your book (or on your business). Ordinary mortals whom I know have received blurbs from luminaries like Senator Bob Dole and the Dalai … [Read more...]